Who is the most objectionable blogger among us all?

Cactus Kate asked the question, here is the poll.


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  • Coyote

    Well if you're going to go around using blogspot people who don't like what you say will try and shut you down.

  • Umm Coyote, I don't give a fuck really. They can do what they like, I don't lose any sleep if some twat flags me, in fact I look forward to it.  Did I sound like I was upset? I hope not.  At this stage I'm more concerned that I have only got one vote!

  • Yes, those spirits have a way of getting people ill and or doing bad things. Still don't see how I got flagged last week, was it the Hitler rap, the objectification of women or the Anne Frank "sex" in the city" parody??    (shameles plugging)

  • Neil

    According to Bambi ,Farrar is the blogging anti-christ….

    Can I vote for all four??? You all have your moments (thank fuck, I'm all pc'd to death)


    Keep up the good fight 

  • I'm voting Clint, cause he is still the only blogger to actually make me physically sick. ;-)  (Okay, it was with his dodgy Czech spirits.)

  • Coyote

    I'm just saying blogger blows.

    WordPress is good. No spam, no troll, no "community self-regulation".

  • Was Whale Oil but after watching IP crucify poor old Tony Milne I am leaning towards IP.

  • Whaleoil

    My comments on Tony's site were either edited or deleted by the lickspittle!!!!!