Why weren't they anyway?

Dipshit Minister Damien O'Connor has announced that he favoured restraining prisoners – which could include handcuffing their wrists to waist chains – as a "sensible" prevention of assaults.

Well duh!

Why weren't they shackled like that anyway and in bright orange overalls.

I have said before we have a lot we can learn from Sheriff Joe of Maricopa County. 

As corrections seems unable to even the simplest of things like research, I have saved them the trouble and provided handy links to suppliers of suitable equipment.

Transport Option 1 –  The MARS Prison Bus fits the bill. The Israeili's rarely make stink equipment.

Restraints – Wrist and Ankles only US$109.95 each.

Chain Gang Uniform – US$39.95 for the jumpsuit version.

Chain Gang Restraints – 4 man  Cuffs US$139.95, Leg Irons US$109.95

Time to get tough. Let's hire Sheriff Joe.



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  • Coyote

    Oh christ Andy don't say "hard labour", it will only attract Byer and DB-P types.

  • Anonymous Sooky La-la

    I vote we put Panty Slut Boy in the van with them.


    Panty Slut Boy should have a vast collection of handcuffs and other nick-nacks (saving taxpayer funds). He could keep the "inmates" happy during the short trip to Planet Clink – by administering a public spanking


    If the "inmates" spent more time in BDSM clubs, and less committing crime, then would the world be a better place?