Awash with cash

The government is awash with cash , so det your self for a lolly scramble in election year.

Cullen told manufacturers at his traditional pre-Budget speech in Christchurch yesterday that the latest figures from the Treasury indicated the Government would begin the new financial year with a large cash surplus – not a deficit, as was forecast this time last year.

He would not reveal the size of the surplus but said for the first time that the level was becoming politically unsustainable.

Jesus, it must be fricken humungous for it to be politically unsustainable even for Cullen. 



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  • AndyMoore

    (subdued – under my breath – laughter)

  • AndyMoore

    Mathew 7:20 and the verses before and after it talk about Christians living in a different way from the rest of the World.  But sure, Mathew 7:1-6 talks about not judging people.


    Of course you're a sinner Whaleoil, and so am I – but that's not really a decent excuse.  If you use Jesus name like dirt, you should be really sorry and remove it.  I mean heck, say f*** as much as you like, but blaspehming really annoys me – coming from a Christian.


    Yeah…  You can say I'm judging you or whatever.  But you'd get on my case if I used say your wife's name as a swear-word.


    Nope, I'm not finished blogging.  And section59 isn't dead yet.  It's gonna be quiet for a while, but at the 08 election we should get a bit of mileage out of it…  I'm guessing ACT should benefit.  Let National and Labour jump into bed together if they want, they're so blimmin similar.


    <a href="">Welcome to the Machine</a> 

  • dad4justice

    National / Liarbour = socialist bed wetters !!