Bloggers Against Subway

I’m going to do this tough as Subway Tuna Melt is my staple for lunch, it has the most protein of any Subway sandwich, but Subway have been a little stoopid and so must suffer.

Subway bloggers


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  • AndyMoore

    Can we really support a boycott until we've heard the <b>whole</b> story? I'm not. I want to hear what the employer has got to say. The media's going to spin the whole case in the favour of the worker, aren't they.

    There's a whole lot of points that if brought to our attention might change our perspective on the whole issue.


  • sally

    Maybe Jackie’s not all that innocent. A mate saw her and her union buddy out on the town a few weeks ago looking pretty close. If youre shagging your rep…what does that say? Bet he’s gonna get a fair whack out of it too.