Someone has been telling pork pies at the Herald and Auckland City

You may have all noticed the uproar over water rates and the rise in the same in Auckland.
Citizens & Ratepayers have been unfairly blamed for the rates rises, because incorrect assertions have been made from the minutes leaked to the Herald by persons unknown. Yes, it is true the Herald has participated in a big lie, almost a lie inunison to distort the truth.
For example, it is asserted that three C&R councillors on the committee voted in favour of the Metrowater Statement of intent to raise water prices. In fact, Cr Doug Armstrong and Cr Toni Millar of C&R did NOT vote to approve the SOI, and thus voted against the Metrowater proposal.
The Herald has so far refused to print C&R requests for a correction. Why I cannot possibly imagine, perhaps Socialist spin? Just plain intransigence?.
For the record, the two Action Hobson councillors did vote for the water rises, as did Hubbard, Hucker, Vern Walsh and Scott Milne.
The above is an excellent case of the MSM being misled by politicians through the process of confidential meetings. After all, if one side is happy to break confidentiality in order to spread lies and deceit, the process is abjectly a waste of time in keeping confidential, isn't it?
The Herald should print a retraction forthwith or risk being upstaged yet again by those insignificant bloggers that they now link to.

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