Surprise, Surprise, 20Free isn't

Finally the real evidence starts to come out that despite Maharey's exhortations the 20Free po0licy isn't Free.

All Maharey can say about this stupid policy is that "up to 92,000 children will be eligible" and  "over 200,000 attestation forms have been distributed".

Riddle me this then. If there are up to 92,000 eligible 3 and 4 year olds how come we need to send out 200,000 attestation forms? Isn't this just a tad wasteful? 


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  • Peter mck

    the policy has been a lie from when Dr Brash announced the workable and easily implementable $5,000 deduction for any under five for child care services.


    labour's answer was policy on the hoof  – unworkable – unpopular and now a complete lie.  Less than 18 months to go.

  • Inventory1

    Agreed Peter – policy conceived on the hustings is reactionary, and ill-considered. I can't believe that I am saying this, but I actually feel sympathy for the Ministry of Education, who have had to construct a policy driven by political ideology and expediency! We are getting excellent help from the MoE in helping to find a legitimate way to bridge the funding shortfall that 20Free will impose on us.  


    Labour and Maharey have painted themselves into a corner with their insistence on 20 FREE as the central plank of the policy. I'm sure parents throughout the land would have been delighted to be offered 20 hours of highly subsidised ECE, and would gladly pay the balance – instead of ECE providers having to institute "optional charges" to bridge the deficit between 20Free payments and actual costs, and carry the can when parents "decline" to pay the "optional" charges.