June 2007

David Cunliffe – Hypocrite

David Cunliffe is a hypocrite. Here is an excerpt from his speech to Parliament on the Crimes (Substituted Section 59) Amendment Bill from Hansard. His hypocrisy is breathtaking.

[quote]This is the only time I have spoken in this debate, and I conclude by doing something very rare. I do not like ever to bring politicians’ personal lives into debate, and I certainly have never done it to anybody else, but I want to say something personal, on my own behalf, as my colleague Shane Jones has done. I am a relatively new dad. I have a 2-year-old and a 5-year-old. I have used corporal punishment in the past. I grew up in a family where, within moderation, that was the norm. I want to acknowledge my wife, who has staunchly held the view that that is not an appropriate form of parenting. I have learnt not to use corporal punishment. I have learnt that if I have to smack one of my two darling sons, that says a lot more about me and my lack of parenting skills than it says about them. Any kid can drive us up the wall. Anyone who has kids knows that, right? We get tired, and they get tired, and they have the odd bit of chocolate after tea and they can work themselves up into a bit of a lather. But smacking does not help. That is what I have learnt out of all of this debate.

Throughout this debate, as a country we have come on a journey, and I have come on a bit of a journey as a dad, too. If anybody says that I am voting the way I am on this bill because my whips told me to, then I say that, as much as I respect my whips, I am voting with my conscience. I am also voting with my life experience here. (Interruption) Yes—I am also voting with my wife’s instructions. I would not want to go home if I changed my vote. Some members know my wife, and they know that would be a very bad idea. I am surrounded by strong women; it is fantastic. I know that this is the right thing to do. I know that my children will learn better if I sit down and explain to them what is right and wrong—not if I belt them to try to get the point across. My kids have the same spunk and spine as my wife has. I do not bow down to that kind of pressure. But they also have brains, and they know how to listen to an argument, even at 5—actually, even at 2. I am proud of my little family, and I am proud of the way that they are growing up.[/quote]

I wonder why he didn't sit down and discuss the rights and wrongs of the situation? I wonder why he belted his kid to get the point across? i wonder what his wife thinks?

I hope he now suffers a Police investigation and a black mark on his file at CYFS. Of course he won't because he is a Labour Minister and we should do as he says not as he does.

Mayoral Meddling in Whangarei

It sounds like there is a very worried Mayor up in Whangarei if there are any legs to this report from Radio New Zealand.

[quote]A Whangarei ratepayer group is accusing the Mayor Pamela Peters of trying to silence free speech, by persuading Waitakere Mayor Bob Harvey not to speak at a public meeting in Whangarei.

The Integrity Action group is one of several accusing the Whangarei District Council of over-spending and acting outside its mandate. It had booked Mr Harvey to address a public meeting about democracy in local government next week.

But Mike Mansell says Mr Harvey's office rang on Thursday to cancel, saying Mrs Peters wanted him to pull out.

Mrs Peters says she called Mr Harvey to make him aware of the content of fliers being circulated by Integrity Action and he made his own decision not to come.[/quote]

Hmmm…methinks there is a little bit too much meddling going on here and Ms Peters is running more than a little scared about details of the rorts and scams that her council is running getting out to the wider audience.

Too late Ms Peters, I have become aware of many of the case of shenanigins that is going on in your neck of the woods and I will be exposing them in the lead up to the Local Body elections in October.

UPDATE: Frank Newman has additional information about the carry on of Ms Peters. 


Hubbard leaves to support Team New Zealand, surprise, surprise they start losing

Harried Hucker in charge of cityAuckland City Mayor Dick Hubbard left on a private, nine-day visit to cheer Emirates Team NZ in Valencia yesterday, leaving his deputy, Bruce Hucker, in charge of the country's largest city. Mr Hubbard joined City Vision-Labour… [Auckland News]

Yes indeed it is increasing looking like Team New Zealand has been "Dicked".

Dick Hubbard is the ultimate reverse Midas. Everything he touches turns to shit. Come back home Dick, your city and nation needs you (we don't actually, but you are more use to C&R back in control charge the big chair).

Editorial: The best way to avoid ridicule is to be a little less ridiculous

Editorial: The best way to avoid ridicule is to be a little less ridiculousIt's hard to think of something more satire-worthy than the proposal by Parliament's standing orders committee to ban the use of television footage shot in the House for the purposes of "satire, ridicule and denigration". Deputy… [NZ Politics]

The Herald on Sunday Editorial lambasts politician and Michael Cullen in particular over their overly sensitive rules to try to make themselves look good when we all know what a bunch of useless twats they are.

[quote]Deputy Prime Minister Michael Cullen has accused the news media of trying to portray the restrictions as "some sort of fascist state where the heroic media of New Zealand are being denied the right to lampoon politicians". Coming from the House's reigning master of the scathingly savage putdown, this seems particularly rich and, like much of his rhetoric, it transparently avoids the issue at hand by seeking to exaggerate the concerns expressed so as to minimise them.[/quote]

I believe that the media does have the right to lampoon politicians and they should use that right extensively and pften. If the buggers don't want to be lampooned then don't act like a bunch of prats. The solution is simple really, so simple, you would think that they would manage to grasp the concept. 

MP in smack row

MP in smack rowA Government minister was last night accused of smacking one of his children at a shopping mall. The Family First NZ lobby group, which campaigned against anti-smacking laws, accused cabinet minister David Cunliffe of smacking… [NZ Politics]

Good on David Cunliffe for ignoring a blatently stupid law, bad on him for be a hypocrite in voting to pass the law in the first place.

I wonder though if the Police will investigate this, nah, silly me he is a member of the Labour party and thus is above the laws he himself passes. 

Aren't tech reporters who know sfa annoying?

I hate reading tech reports in the media where it clear almost from the forst word written that they know almost nothing about the subject they are commenting on.

A case in point is this mornings article in the The Press about Skype.

Where does one begin with the many falsehoods outlined in this article.

  1. Skype is not a website per se, it is an application.
  2. You can hide yourself from the great unwashed.
  3. Don't you know what your kids are doing on the internet? Fools

I have used Skype for years, I have never had unwanted  calls, or people wanting to make friends. That is mainly because almost all the information loaded in my profile is false, I only accept connections from invited persons that I know and I understand the technology and all of the settings.

If anything the article highlights the dangers of high technology easily accessible to the masses. 



Where's the money, Winston?

Winston First and United Future still owe us the money they nicked . United Future at least has made part payment but Winston First still has not repaid one cent of the money they nicked.

This is outright thievery on the part of Winston Peters. He has a bloody gall to stand up in parliament and berate NZ business leaders when he himself is party to a fraud against the NZ taxpayer. Not only that he was caught red-handed up to his armpits in the  till and unbelievably still maintains he did nothing wrong despite the Auditor-General saying otherwise.

It is ironic that it is the lickspittle poodle parties that remain as defaulters. If only our Police force wasn't horribly, politically corrupt we could have seen these bastards prosecuted. 

Meanwhile Labour continues the raid on the public purse with continuing ads on the NZ Herald website that are redirecting people to their own website. This is nothing but blatant public funding of party political broadcasts. 


Auckland given stick over water

Auckland given stick over waterAuckland City leaders came under fire yesterday at a parliamentary hearing in Wellington for "hoodwinking" the public over water bills. National MP Nick Smith zeroed in on the council using its water company, Metrowater, as a cash… [Auckland News]

Bernard Orsman finally starts to inject some truth into his reporting about water. Hubbard and his leftist council have been systematically hoodwinking Auckland City ratepayer by effectively subsidising rates through "charitable payments" from Metrowater. meanwhile they are helter skelter increasing borrowings of the council by over a $1 billion and quietly trying keep that secret.

Yes Bernard, I am onto your blatant lying to readers and your insistance of reporting what you want instead of the facts. Your behaviour and attitude will be revealed in due course.

Early childhood education scheme in trouble before it starts

Early childhood education scheme in trouble before it startsThe Auckland Kindergarten Association is threatening to drop the Government's 20 hours free early childhood education scheme before it has even started. General manager Tanya Harvey said the member centres needed a 50c an hour… [NZ Politics]

Yep…Told ya so Steve, your policy on the hoof is fucked. Despite your protestations and prevarication over letting us all know how many of the "up to 92,000 children who are eligible" have signed up.

Your policy is NOT 20 hours free, it is 20 hours subsidised, but that doesn't sound quite so good does it.


Cullen decides easy gum, easy go

Cullen decides easy gum, easy goFinance Minister Michael Cullen sought Cabinet's approval just a month before the May Budget to cancel its previous "chewing gum" promise to adjust income tax thresholds – the only tax cut he has promised in eight Budgets. But… [NZ Politics]

Not only that but the papers show Labour's utter contempt for taxpayers with Cullen saying ""Within the protection period (ie. from 2011-12 onwards) we will adjust the tax thresholds for inflation, but some portion of fiscal drag might need to be retained to finance our decisions.". See they acknowledge that they will steal from taxpayers more because of fiscal drag and that is tough titty because they want to spend more.

Not only that, it is clear that Labour has again lied to the electorate. They justified the cancelling of the tax cuts by saying that Kiwisaver was the replacement, but it is clear from the cabinet papers that the tax cuts were dropped because Labour wanted to spend more and that was the easiest way to reef the money out of the electorate. 

They are nothing but thieving scum.