Greens could get seat in Cabinet under National – Key

Greens could get seat in Cabinet under National – KeyNational Party leader John Key has floated the possibility of offering the Greens a post in Cabinet if he is in a position to form a government after the next election.Mr Key today said he did not see big barriers in the two parties… [NZ Politics]

Watch National go meteoric in the polls after John Key's latest initiative, offering the Greens something. I kid you not, this is exactly what middle NZ wants, politicians to work together and Key has again out manouvred Clark. 


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  • Big Bruv

    Key may well gain a lot of support by offering a seat at the cabint table for the Greens but he will lose as much support as he gains.


    I was (until yesterday) a member of the National party however this offer to the Greens was the last straw for me, any hope I might have had of a true National goverment has gone with the arrival of John Key.


    The Nats are simply Labour Lite.

  • Adolf fiinkensein

    OK chaps, put brains into gear.  The only circumstances in which the Gnats would need to be offering a cabinet post to the Greens would be a neck and neck election result where the Greens could decide whether Labour or NAtion forms a government.  Ask yourselves how likely is such a scenario and then ask yourselves whether you'd prefer another term of the current gaggle and then ask yourselves just how much sway would a Minister of Environment have over policy if a three year agrreement on supply and confidence is in place.  KEy has just removed another foundation block from Clark's already shakey and dodgy coalition.

  • Inventory1

    Good analysis Adolf – I wonder if it's enough to make Big Bruv reconsider, and rejoin the National Party.

  • emmess

    I am hoping this is all a cunning plan to drive the Greenies support under the threshold