Party pills banned

Party pills bannedParty pills are to be banned, Associate Health Minister Jim Anderton has announced. BZP and related party pills, also known as herbal highs, will be classified as a Class C1 drug. This will stop the legal manufacture and sale… [NZ Politics]

Looks like the fun police have struck again…..once again a silly law to protect fools from themselves. This will of course fail.

Given the reasons for doing this supposedly are to save lives, one wonders when they are going to ban cigarettes and motor vehicles.

Jim Anderton clearly is cloud cuckoo land if he thinks that making BZP illegal will not create a black market or lead to increased use of other drugs such as methamphetamine.



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  • Dave Mann

    And no, I am NOT a fucking christian. I have no idea why my mentioning a fictitious act of parliament led your bloody programme to point readers to some "Bible Gateway" crap (and I suppose there will be a whole lot of mind-fuck links in this comment as a result of my typing the words 'Christian' and 'Bible'. Pfarrrrrff!!

  • Whaleoil

    settle down, i have edited it for you. take a chill pill…oh wait they just banned those.

  • Dave mann

    Hehehehe… OK I'm a chilled, man! Totally cool. Iced. Like, er.. laid back ad lovin' it. (you can delete my anti-christian comment if you like too, if you like! Embarassed hahaha)

  • Whaleoil

    nah, i won't delete it, I have a policy of not deleting unless grossly offensive.