July 2007

Audrey Young: I'm bloody angry with Key

Blog: I'm bloody angry with KeyJohn Key has just issued a press statement saying my story in today's Herald on the tr [NZ Politics]

News flash Audrey we, the bloggers, are bloody angry with you the MSM. How come you get all indignant now?

When did you ever get indiginant about all the b.s. that Clark and her lickspittles have trotted out over the years to you, their lies, their obfuscations, their utter deceit?

When have you ever printed transcripts of taped recordings of any Labour Minister when you felt they had decieved you?

The answer to all of those questions of course is never, but now that Dear Leader is taking a hit you try to create a storm in a teacup about a bill that most of us just don't give a damn about.

Either be a blogger or try to be a decent journalist, but don't be a Blojo.

The MSM is trying desperately to halt the march of bloggers against them, Blojo's will not succeed. You see when you write trite, sanctimonious and pure pieces on page and then scream bloody murder on others you can rightly be called a hypocrite. Choose Audrey, Blogging or Journalism, the two don't go together.

Blogs are popular because we don't use editors, because we say what we feel and because we strip the spin away. Blojo's are an unhappy and ultimately doomed experiment by a beleagured MSM. I mean it isn't really a blog when you post once a day is it, if that.

Priest vs. Skateboarders

A Catholic Priest in Melbourne sick of skateboarders decided to make a stand…..except he hadn't heard of cellphone cameras or about Youtube. Now he has heard of both.

Corrections debacle continues

Prison guard: Paremoremo like a ‘holiday camp’ – 01 Aug 2007 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

What on earth does the Corrections minister do?, because it sure as hell isn’t running his portfolio.

Every day it seems there is bad news in the Correction portfolio yet O’Connor sits on his hands and does nothing. Today we hear from a Corrections staffer who must surely now be in fear of his job after going to the media. His comments are telling;
[quote]”We’re basically porters in a hotel. They say jump and we jump because management want to keep the peace. The prisoners run the place.

“There are threats every day from Burton. He threatens to burn the building down, or put out a contract [on prison officers]. Most of the guys are scared of what he did and what he is. He’s lost a leg but he’s still quite threatening. Every time we take him somewhere there’s always seven officers [with] him.”[/quote]

Prison is not meant to be a holiday camp, it is meant to be punishment.

If you are in any doubt that the minister has no idea that his portfolio is in disarray there is the case of two staff at Paremoremo prison who have been fired and one has resigned for their role in getting inmates to work on prison employees’ homes.

This comes from an invetigation into corruption that the Minister clearly said wouldn’t show anything. Further the Corrections Department admitted that “it was impossible to ensure that staff were honest.”

Wow! Time for a resturcture methinks starting with a new Minister.

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Awww, Cry me a river

Child-abuse accused fear for their lives – 01 Aug 2007 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

The big toughies who think it is cool to swing kids from clotheslines and put them in dryers are in fear of their lives if their photos are published.

Good, I hope you live the rest of your miserable lives looking over your shoulders. You will get no sympathy from me, given a choice I would punish you like you punished the child, then we would see how tough you all are.

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Gun porn

Machine guns to star in auction – Stuff.co.nz

Drool, slobber…..I want them. Machine Guns are serious fun.
[quote]Two heavy machine guns owned by a Masterton gun collector are going under the hammer in Wellington this week.

The World War I British Vickers machine gun and Czechoslovakian machine gun were the pride and joy of Masterton electrician Allan Nattrass, who died in a car crash near Solway Park in September.

His partner and fellow keen shooter, Denise Wise, said she had to sell the collection of more than 75 guns to settle his estate. She could not keep them because she did not have the appropriate E-class licence, governing military-style semi-automatic rifles or shotguns.[/quote]
What a happy coincedence, I just happen to know a few people who have a “E” Licence.

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Steve Crow can't get it up

His website that is. www.1auckland.com still hits the domain registry company even though his ticket launched last week.

Benson-Pope was slow to tell full story says Clark

Benson-Pope was slow to tell full story says ClarkFormer Cabinet minister David Benson-Pope told Helen Clark about his comments in the Madeleine Setchell affair only after the State Services Commission had informed the Prime Minister's Office about the remarks. Mr Benson-Pope… [NZ Politics]

Panty Slut-boy is apprently not suitable material for being a minister after being caught lying. Clearly it is still a rewuirement to be a Labour MP as he is still there and not booted from parliament for the same offence.

However clearly Clark has had enough of his shenangins and has continued to put the boot in and twist the knife over the last couple of days. 

He is now officially on her shit list and had best find a new career as hints are being tossed all over the place about his selection chances for next year. 

Inmates can earn time out under new system

Inmates can earn time out under new systemPrisoners will be able to earn more time out of their cells and greater work and study opportunities under a new privilege-based system being rolled out across the country. However, if they misbehave, they will be penalised with… [NZ Politics]

Again the government ignores the populace. We want criminals behind steel bars not behind local bars. If you do the crime you do the time.

Under this government if you do the crime you get a slap up feed, heated flooring, flat panel TV's and if you are good and quiet and don't give the guards any hassles you get to have time off for the laborious penance that prison has become.

For gods sake we need Sheriff Joe here fastlest prisoners start getting an idea that they live in a hotel. At $297 a night we could rent reasonably good rooms at any 5 star hotel in  Auckland so I guess they are living in a hotel, albeit a secure one.

Stephen Franks on the assault against Free Speech

StephenFranks.co.nz » Blog Archive » Free speech during elections

Stephen Franks has written an erudite piece on the travesty that is the Electoral Finance Bill. This Bill must be opposed at all levels and he draws attention that the worst offenders after the government in psuhing this bill are the MSM by not reporting the travesty it is.
[quote]The politicians responsible for this are suppressing challenges by pesky independent groups. Groups like Sensible Sentencing, Greenpeace, Federated Farmers, Forest and Bird, Manufacturers Federation, the teacher unions, doctor organisations, the RSA must be stopped from developing policy and urging parties to endorse it, then urging voters to support or oppose parties accordingly. Under the corrupt gang now drafting our law all those groups will be gagged at election time.

“But they are still free to speak” say the censors. ” It is only unauthorised leafletting and paid advertising they can’t do. They can be reported by the media”. And so we get to the nub of it. The media, so quick to trumpet their committment to freedom to report as they like from the House, have been suspiciously quiet on election spending.

Because when the people are not allowed to communicate in their own words, directly to their fellow citizens, they can only communicate through the media filter. And so the journalists decide what the election is fought on. They control how things are reported. The news editors of TV 1 and TV3 decide whether the election issues will be smacking, or GM corn, or Iraq or politicisation of the public service.

The current left wing thinks it will not matter that its allies are nominally muzzled. They are confident that the conscious or subconscious bias of their politically correct media ”co-religionists” will control the agenda anyway.[/quote]

This bill must be fought. It gives the government of the day the licence to make laws without dissent in Election year. If the Section 59 bill had been presented and debated in election year then all the efforts of the lobby groups against it would have been banned or curtailed and the subsequent damage as the government rode roughshod over the wishes of the populace would have been minimised when the only voice able to speak was the governments.

Where are the libertarians, where is ACT and where is the media on this issue?

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Typical, when the going gets tough have an Inquiry

Commission to look into who runs Auckland – 30 Jul 2007 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

God, Labour are pathetic. Right now they are rushing around pissing on bushfires and the best distraction they can come up with is a Royal Commission of Inquiry to examine and report on what local and regional governance arrangement are required for the Auckland region over the foreseeable future.

The same fool who is rushing through changes to our Electoral Act arguably far more important than governance of our largest city is in charge, expect a complete balls up.

Mark Burton couldn't manage a root in a brothel and would be seriously out of his depth in a carpark puddle.

It is a travesty of justice that we have a Royal Commission of Inquiry for governance of a city but not one for major changes to our Electoral Act which goes to the heart of our democracy. One of the few Royal Commissions we have had recommended MMP, again a major change in our Electoral system.

Of course, don't expect the MSM to point out this little inconvenient truth will you. Whilst everyone focuses on the Royal Commission for the governance of Auckland the Labour Party rams through the most draconian assault on free speech and democracy we have ever seen.

There are much more important things for a Royal Commission, Police Corruption for one, Electoral Funding for another.

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