Sir Roger says Hide-Labour talks a joke

Sir Roger says Hide-Labour talks a jokeAct founder Sir Roger Douglas has described party leader Rodney Hide's talks with Labour as a joke. Mr Hide will explain the new relationship at Act's Wellington regional conference today, after agreeing last week to seriously… [NZ Politics]

I seem to remember all the ACToids screaming bloody murder when National created some room for ACT on the right even describing them as Labour-Lite and Smurf's, but then absolute silence about Rodney's master strategy of rebranding ACT, Leapfrogging over National to jump in between them and Labour.

Brilliant, just brilliant. National creates room on the right for them and they use the room for a run up to play leap frog in the rush to the left.

Sir Roger Douglas the founder of ACT has some stern words for Rodders.

[quote]Sir Roger said any talk of Act even considering the Therapeutics Bill must be a joke.

"Essentially, what [the bill] is all about is controls and regulations and I thought we were a party of freedom and personal choice. I don't think he's thought through how it relates to his personal principles and the party's principles."

Sir Roger said Act could talk to anybody it liked.

"But this is a Government of control freaks and there's not much point in talking to control freaks. I can't see that there's any common ground."[/quote]

And that is the point isn't it. Despite what ACToids like to spin there really is no common ground so Rodder's stunt is doomed to fail.

I predict that ACT's support will drop and that polling will show that Rodney is rooted in Epsom. The irony is that they did it to themselves despite the room made by National for them to grow.



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  • Shout Above The Noise

    I still gave ACT my party vote in 2005 but that was it, and I am no longer a member. I liked the party in the style that it originally stood for; small govt, economic freedom, and socially conservative (law & order, social welfare, education, etc)

  • Sheesh where did all this anger come from?

    National voted with Labour far more than ACT have, but put that aside I don't want more of this anti ACT silliness to start again. I just hope that National have learned their lesson after last time, esp as they gifted us 3 terms of Labour :)

  • National4Epsom

    You're right on Epsom booting out the hapless Hide.


    Being a dyed-in-the-wool toffee nosed tart from said electorate, I can tell you that he is toast.

    I have had an utter gutsful of his dancing, swimming, toned image – pitiful!


    Rodney was mildly amusing, but his value lay in the fact he publicly held the gubbmint to task – in what was his trademark terrier style. His admission to this seat was ONLY TACTICAL, and he needs to KNOW this.


    The man can ramble on all he likes about his effectiveness as an electorate MP, but most of us in Epsom simply want BLUE for the country, and we certainly don't need a clever electorate MP – FGS – WE HAVE LAWYERS!!


    If you don't start eating Helen and Winston for breakfast and poste haste – ACT is dead!!

  • Whaleoil

    I note that noone has challenged my assertions, except Innocent III who clearly canot read what I said about a deal for Rodney.

    The Epsom people I know and that is a great many all say that they gave Rodney a chance and he has blown it. that was his last chance, it will not happen again.

    So far everything I have said about ACT has come to pass. All that remains there are the very young and naive and the old ex-Labour stalwarts. they are still fighting the Labour battles of '87 aand they are legends in their own minds.

    I also predict that Electorate meetings will be able to be held in phone boxes. 

  • Ruth

    Make sure you save the comments on Farrar's blog for future reference.


    When Key started his strategic plan people told me National  would go down in 2 consecutive polls on Cresswell's blog. I offered a wager – but no one would put their money where their mouth was. Which was just as well Laughing

  • I agree with what you said on Kiwiblog about some of the things ACT missed the boat on. We had an opportunity to take the space left for us on the spectrum. I reckon all it would take for ACT to start showing up is a couple cups of tea with John Key informally just so people know National understands MMP. I have always stated this simple solution rather than any favours. I think most Nats would be thrilled having Rodney in the house supporting a National Govt than wishy washy NZF and Dunne trying to get favours by watering down good National policy instead.