"Smart" professor wants the pill in our water

Brainier mums needed to maintain future generations' intelligence, says professor – 08 Jul 2007 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

After reading the comments of this fool, one can only wonder at the education system that makes people like him a Professor Emeritus.

Clearly he subscribes to the theory of the Idiocracy. (Thanks DiM, via TBR.CC)

One also wonders what his plan would do to all the boy babies that would now be dosed with hormones not intended for them if his plan was ever to be implemented. Scientists!!!! Fools!!

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  • Whaleoil

    Or folate in bread?

  • peg

    HEY since the socialists think that every man is a potential rapist, why don't we put Bromide in the water.

    Then all the men won't be able to get a hard on and all we long suffering women can have a break haha

    Well if it was good enough to do to the poor soldiers in Vietnam then why can't we do it to EVERYONE  mmmmmmhahhahha ( evil manical laughter )
  • ichi

    Yes, it is a truly stupid idea. But, pray tell, what is the difference between putting contraceptives in the water to “help” the dumb people and putting fluoride in the water to “help” the dumb people (i.e. those too dumb to brush their teeth).