August 2007

Moore has been 'talking nonsense' for years

Moore has been 'talking nonsense' for yearsThe Labour Party is unlikely to take any action to revoke the membership of long-time colleague Mike Moore, despite his public attack on Prime Minister Helen Clark this week.
Labour Party president Mike Williams yesterday said…
[NZ Politics]

Excuse me for laughing at bully boy Mike Williams' extreme hypocrisy.

[quote]Labour Party president Mike Williams yesterday said Mr Moore had "been talking nonsense for years", and the party had nothing against freedom of speech.[/quote]

Oh hardy har ha, they biffed Philip Field out of the party for saying less than Mike Moore did and if they have nothing against Freedom of Speech then what the fuck is the Electoral Finance Bill.

That bill is nothing but an attack against freedom of speech from beginning to end.

Mike Williams' rank hypocrisy sickens me.

Mike Williams is also a liar when he says "the party had not thrown out a member since about 1939." Short fucking memory or blatant lies, let's ask Philip Field if that statement is true.

John Armstrong: Moore throws open debate on leadership's style and content

John Armstrong: Moore throws open debate on leadership's style and contentPained as Labour must feel right now about heeding any advice from Mike Moore, the party should not dismiss this week's diatribe out of hand. The basic thrust of Moore's message to Labour in his opinion piece in Wednesday's Herald… [NZ Politics]

John Armstrong continues to give the Mike Moore story legs.

[quote]Pained as Labour must feel right now about heeding any advice from Mike Moore, the party should not dismiss this week's diatribe out of hand. The basic thrust of Moore's message to Labour in his opinion piece in Wednesday's Herald was that the party is crowding out its core messages with its fixation on John Key. Labour is consequently seen by voters to be losing the plot.

Moore could have made that point just as tellingly without likening Helen Clark's modus operandi to Sir Robert Muldoon's unpleasant excoriation of his political foes.

The only conclusion to be drawn from Moore's choice of slur was that he was out to cause trouble for Labour at an already difficult time – and trouble for Clark in particular.

One way to get people to start talking about the leadership is to intimate that an internal debate is already under way.

However, Moore's extravagant language also meant his underlying message got lost in the uproar over whether Clark is Muldoonist and Moore's motives for saying she is.

But Moore was right about one thing. To say the Beehive is obsessed with Key is an understatement.

Labour believes if it can destroy Key, it will puncture National's support in the polls and make next year's election potentially winnable.[/quote]

To quote Daryl Kerrigan, "They're Dreamin'" 


Fran O'Sullivan: Moore's subtext all about election win

Fran O'Sullivan: Moore's subtext all about election winAnyone who lays public siege to Helengrad runs the risk they will find themselves the subject of brutal retaliation. Helen Clark's inner circle will by now be calculating the exact manner in which they will cook former Labour leader… [NZ Politics]

The Mike Moore commentary continues to have legs and only really because Anderton and others jumped on the band wagon to bag Mike Morre. If they had just shut up or at the very least commented anout poor silly old Mike then the sotry would have died.

Now the media have just about explored all the coup angles some of them just might start on the intriguing "consort" angle.

1Auckland all over the place like a mad womans' poo

Michael Earley: NZHerald: “Your Views: Are councils spending too much of your money?”

Commendable though it is that guys like Mike and Blair have decided to be cajoled by Crazy Chris into standing for his new pulled out of his and Julie’s arse “ticket” and put their names forward for council there are some inconsistancies creeping into their [cough] message.

First up, Mike E, has explained some of’s policies and thoughtfully linked to their website, except well it isn’t there. Also it isn’t their name, their name is, which also isn’t up. Clearly Chris thinks he will win the case against them so has registered just in case. There seems to be case of political schizophrenia happening here.

Still it is a little bizarre that the “ticket” doesn’t have a site and neither does their leader and guru Steve Crow, unless you count a photo of his bald mug as a site.

In line with Steve’s motto “Telling you as it is” here is a little story about the thought processes involved with these guys. They talk big and act small.

I had lunch one with Chris Diack who spent the entire time telling how fucking marvelous he was. He even gloated to me that if it wasn’t for him and his ticket (that was Auckland Now back then) then the Centre Right vote wouldn’t have been split. It was at this point that I realised that Chris Diack was like most Labour converts to ACT, slightly mad and always spoiling for a fight, any fight, just so long as they were fighting. I retorted to Chris at the time, “So you are the one responsible for Dick Hubbard, that was a brilliant fucking plan that was, I know I’ll teach the Centre-Right a lesson, we’ll split the vote and let Hubbard and City Vision in, just fucking brilliant”. Lunch ended shortly after that.

Once again Chris has thrown a hissy fit and stormed out of Citizens and Ratepayers all on the pretense that his friend Julie wasn’t selected. That would be the Julie who didn’t pay her membership, and the Julie who went running to the press whining about it all despite signing binding documents to say she wouldn’t.

Unfortunately for Blair and Mike, earnest though they are, they will get nowhere, because essentially the “ticket” is hollow and based entirely around the ego’s of Steve Crow and Chris Diack. At least Steve runs a successful business and doesn’t still live with his mum and dad. They have been conned into standing for something that has no history, no plans and no ideas.

Citizens and Ratepayers are mightily glad that this little band of fools who talked big but acted small have flown the coop. They won’t be welcomed back.

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3 years of rate rises tipped to top 37 per cent

3 years of rate rises tipped to top 37 per centProperty and water rates in Auckland City are forecast to soar by 37.3 per cent and 30 per cent respectively over the next three years if October's local body elections do not force changes of policies.
Mayor Dick Hubbard and the…
[Auckland News]

If you actually needed a reason to tip out Hubbard and City Vision it is this report that despite massive rates hikes more are expected.

Soon to be ex-Mayor Dick Hubbard and the City Vision-Labour ticket must defend a term
in which rates rose by 21.4 per cent and projections from council
documents that they would rise 37.3 per cent more under current policy. On top of that The Dick actually campaigned on rates relief when he weaseled his way in.

Time's up wastrels. 


I'm not after Clark's job – Goff

I'm not after Clark's job – GoffLabour Cabinet Minister Phil Goff is dismissing speculation he is after the party's top job.
His career aspirations have been the subject of much media speculation, some of it fuelled by this week's attack by former Labour leader…
[NZ Politics]

Of course he doesn't, he actually wants to be leader of the Opposition but will have wait until the Bilious Bitch calls an election.

Oh, and BTW Phil, you are showing your old maoist ways again, journalistists doesn't use typewriters these days they use PC's. 

Government declares war!!

Govt declares war on obesity – New Zealand, world, sport, business & entertainment news on

Oh great so after members of golf clubs, accountancy firms and the Exclusive Brethren, not mention John Key, Labour has decided to go to war with fat, lazy people.

I mean you can’t combat obesity by labelling food. Only the fat lazy shits can combat obesity by getting off the butts and stop shoving vast quantities of food down their gobs.

War on Obesity, I laugh at your war on obesity.

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Electoral Finance Bill News

Overnight there have been some dramatic u-turns, volte-faces and flip flops from Labour.

Not surprisingly Herr Rottenfuhrer Carter has clearly been severly censured by the ninth floor over his EFB posting. He has flipped more than a circus acrobat. He has now bizarrely accused eminent blogger Lord Farrar of being Muldoon and Karl Rove in the same paragraph. The image of that is frankly frightening. Also he has the more cheek than a fat ladies bum to accuse National of stealing the election when we all know it was Labour and not National that over spent its allocation by $800,000.

In other news the government whisperers have had a wee word in the ears of the political pawns at RNZ and intimated that they are going to make some changes to the bill. The funny thing is the whispered proposed change actuaally opens up that which they wanted closed and that is the halting of the likes of the Brethren campaigning. The fools think they have helped the unions when in fact they have opened the door to the stable right open now. They have made a tragic bill worse now they may as well put it down. 

Bill English has commented on the absurdity of the whisperers campaign.

[quote]"Labour has utterly bungled this process. This bill still proposes a ridiculous year-long election campaign – when the Government will be able to bombard the public with unlimited taxpayer-funded advertising, while everyone else will face strict limits and conditions.

"The proper thing to do would be to withdraw this fatally flawed bill and produce an amended version with broad support from all parties.

"If that is the proper thing – expect Labour to do the opposite."[/quote]

Finally David Farrar pours the silly little lickspittle Jordan back into his bottle.

Oh, one last word. Well three actually.

Kill The Bill

PS an interested reader emailed me this.


Dick Hubbard reacts poorly to comments on a NZ Herald website

This message is doing the rounds. My understanding is it was a message left on Cameron Brewer's cellphone after he made the following rather innocuous comment on the Herald's website asking for comment on the huge sums being spent on Queen Street upgrade.

[quote]Cameron Brewer (Newmarket)

This week it's been revealed that $5 million has been spent on consultants for Queen Street and now nearly half a million on Nikau Palm trees. Here in Newmarket, we are paving the length of Broadway with beautiful Timaru Bluestone as well as new plantings and furniture for $6m. The total cost of the Queen Street upgrade is more than seven times that. What's more the pain being inflicted on local businesses in Newmarket is considerably less. The Nikau palms may look nice now but won't the buses on the neighbouring buslanes, which may soon be built, choke them. It will hardly be akin to the fresh air of the West Coast that the Nikaus have so far thrived on.[/quote]

Listen to the audio.

A couple of things for Dick to ponder. Firstly in Newmarket the distance from the Roundabout at the start of Broadway to Mortimer Pass is 780 metres. Thus from Dick's assertions Queen Street from "K'Road to the bottom" must be 5.46km in length, unfortunately for the Mayor the distance is only 1.54kms from K'Road to Customs Street, not even double the distance of Broadway.

Next Dick says that Cameron Brewer has been mischevious with the facts about the spending, except Cameron Brewer got the figures from an OIA request that mayoral candidate Lisa Prager released to the public. Cameron Brewer is clearly telling the truth and Dick Hubbard is lying like a flat fish again.

Dick even tells another porkie when he basically says on the message that the $5 million was internalconsultants and engineers. Again if we look to his own comments in response to Lisa Prager we can see that Dick lies like a flat fish.

[quote]"The council hasn't had those staff in-house for 20 years."[/quote]

Dick, give up and stop being so sensitive to criticism of your failed council.




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