12 starters confirm for Auckland mayoral race

12 starters confirm for Auckland mayoral raceA growing field of politicians, activists and a porn king are setting out to take the chains of office from Auckland City Mayor Dick Hubbard. With a week to go until nominations close for October's local body elections, the mayoral… [Auckland News]

12 people are putting their names forward for Mayor of Auckland City.

Aaron Bhatnagar has helpfully listed their leanings. 

Looks the centre right is wide open for Banksie while the left spectrum is more cluttered than a Chinese laundry on wash day. 


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  • Zutroy

    <i>Free speech means I can say what I like, to who I like, whenever I like – this is not North Korea yet.</i>


    That's a pretty immature view of free speech.

    Are you really free to yell "fire" in a crowded movie theatre?

    Or free to hector someone in their own home? Do they not have property rights to ask you to leave? 


    Maybe you are indeed free to go to a park, stand on a soapbox and yell at the joggers and dogs, but they're not compelled to be an audience either. 

  • Zutroy:

    I am free to make the choice to do any of these things – discernment naturally influences my decision whether or not to do so – ultimately however, I, make the choice, not the State, and not another individual such as Whale Oil who is apparently keen to have an opinion on an issue, yet is also of the opinion that dissent should be silenced. This of course makes him no better than the "Left" nemisis he decries so often.

    Consistency in approach and philosophy is not an unreasonable expectation to have.

  • [Three pages of crap and blatant electioneering removed as not relevant to this post – Whaleoil]

  • aaronbhatnagar

    Yeah, he posted the same rubbish on my site too.

  • I trust that you both will now never censure the "left" on censorship.

     Look up the word "hypocrisy" lads.


    Steve Taylor

  • Whaleoil

    No Steve, this is how it works, my blog my rules, you come here at my pleasure, a little bit like if you came to my house then started to smoke cigars, drop ash and piss and shit all over the carpet which is kinda what you have been doing all over the place. So if someone did that in your place you would quite rightly toss their sorry ass out on the street after a brisk slapping to teach them some manners.

    Now just to re-iterate because you seem a little slow, my blog , my rules, if you don't like that then go play elsewhere. 

  • Aaron Bhatnagar

    Steve, free speech means you can say whatever you like in your own home.


    It doesn't give you the right to say whatever you feel like in someone else's home.  


    If you did, and the owner asked you to leave, you just have to accept you outstayed your welcome.


    Which is exactly what you have done. 

  • Free speech means I can say what I like, to who I like, whenever I like – this is not North Korea yet.

    Rules? These would be the ones you make up as you go along?

    Boys, I would have thought that you would be better sport than this.

    This whole "debate them on the issues" deal is going to be much easier than I thought – you guys have no arguments, and even less rebuttle.

    Whale Oil turns out to be little more than "sprat piss", and Aaron – if you are the best C&R have to offer, I look forward to meeting you in public debate bro.


  • Kelvyn Alp

    Get it right whaleoil


    You stated that I founded a "Maori separatist organisation" – you are clearly deluded on that score – please point to the reference to that particular piece of evidence please.  I doubt you will find it.


    Also, show me where I contradicted myself in any posts I have made – I think you will find I am very credible in my posts and consistent at that.  I know you love the look of your own type and in some small way find some redeeming feature in being able to post complete nonsensical, sensationalist ramblings in the hope people will take you seriously, but even for such a one eyed person seeking a sense of self importance, I believe the mark has been well and truly overstepped and all credibility lost.


    We can go back and forth till the end of time buddy, but at the end of the day, you know nothing of me, although you profess to know it all – the only thing you have is what you have gleaned from media sources… very sad indeed.


    At least you have proven one thing to be beyond doubt and that is DDP is right in what it states on its website as to the solutions that will fix the problems of this country.  In all of your ramblings not once have you come up with anything useful.  So I guess it would be at this time that you quit while you are behind or risk further making a fool of yourself

  • Spanishbride

    Hmmmm '   I am free to make the choice to do any of these things – discernment naturally influences my decision whether or not to do so – ultimately however, I, make the choice, not the State.

    How true, but you are not allowing Whaleoil the same discernment you allow yourself.
    Ultimately it is Whaleoil on HIS Blog not the STATE or you that makes the decision whether to continue to allow your opinions to be published here or not.

    You are welcome to go elsewhere and ' share your opinions' hopefully next time you will choose an audience who is interested in what you have to say.

    When I was at Uni I used to think that I could change the world and all it would take would be a good reasoned philisophical arguement to change someones opinion to the ' right' opinion ie mine.

    I have since matured and only debate issues with those who are of a like mind or are unsure of their opinion on the matter. I suggest you do the same.