About Bloody Time

Vietnam vets finally get their due – 22 Aug 2007 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

Prime Minister Helen Clark announced Tribute 08, a commemoration and reunion event for all Vietnam veterans and their families. The key event, a Queen’s Birthday reunion, will feature an apology for the treatment of Vietnam veterans – who were never officially welcomed home.

Vietnam veterans organised their own event in 1998, but Mr Mullane said the official Government involvement in Tribute 08 would lend it greater significance.

All I can say is about bloody time.

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  • barnsleybill

    I assume Goff will not attend, would not sit well with that suckhole after he raised the north vietnamese flag at the end of the vietnam war.

  • Brian Smaller

    I was wondering how they would reconcile calling these same guys child killers and then apologising on behalf of New Zealand for the abuse they got when they came home.  This part of New Zealand never abused them so has nothing to apologise for.

  • Vo Nguyen Giap

    [edited for being bloody offensive to out soldiers, now fuck off my blog, WOBH]

  • Alois Shickelgruber

    [edited for breaching zero tolerance of disrespect to soldiers WOBH]

  • William Calley

    And I thought only the All Blacks went crying to mummy when they lost.

    [whaleoil: They didn't lose fucktard, they won, not only every battle but the war as well. If you know your history and clearly you don't they didn't lose, now get the fuck off of my site]


  • dad4justice

    Hey Tricky Dicky I reckon you win first prize for a being a fuckwit and you get first prize which is a severe blow to the head !! Now fuck of wimp !!!

    Don't bag soldiers boy !!

  • Tricky Dicky Nixon

    Well whale, you have a very odd concept of winning, care to expalin how they won?



  • Private William McBride

    gee dad4justice, what a nice man you are.


    Having an opinion doesn not make one a fuckwit, but going to war without good cause does. Vietnam was not a good cause war.


    Severe blows to the ehad are no doubt what has made you the angry retard you are.


    And, as for bagging soldiers, the Seppos are bagging another 14 right now, in body bags that is, sad sacrifices to Bushs's grand game, pawns in another unjust war.


    And just like Tricky Dicky, I'd like to know how WO thinks the Kiwis won the Vietnam war.



  • dad4justice

    When and where did you do your basic training private jock strap ?

  • Whaleoil

    Read this mother fucker especially the address by Dave Sabben a survivor of the Battle of Long Tan. Educate yourself before you ever open you filthy mouth on my blog again.

  • Spanishbride

    I was winning this fight with this person I had been sent by my govt to fight. I had superior weapons.

    Then the govt started changing the rules saying if he jumped over the neighbours fence he was safe and I was not allowed to pursue him. He of course was allowed to attack me from behind the safety of the neighbours fence.

    I was then told that I could not fire first. I had to wait until he shot at me before I could shoot back. Despite all these things put in place to stop me winning I won major battles and the enemy withdrew. I was sent home.

    Sadly once I was gone the enemy attacked and beat the people I had been sent to protect and
    who I had fought on behalf of and beside.
  • From No Man’s Land

    You were winning the fight, eh? A bit like 50 of the mongrel mod attacking a nursing home, isn't it? A well equipped first world army taking on a less than third world country just emerging from French colonial rule.

    Come on, at best you were dupes in a game you never understood, at worst, ignorant morons incapable of making rational choices of your own.


    Grow up, get over it, move on.


    As was pointed out earlier, there are no victory parades for losers. 


  • Spanishbride

    If your father died protecting you from attack is he a loser? Does he not deserve any recognition for his sacrifice even though some of us may not think that your life was worth saving or that the fight was yours and he should not have intervened?

  • No Man’s Land

    Your comments (one cannot call them an argument) are a false analogy.

    Please try again. 

  • dad4justice

    Hey No Man's Land are you one of 200 homosexual men in the Wellington central area riddled with syphilis ? Please try and practise safe sex and do stop turd tapping !! Talk about lost in the head department .

  • Spanishbride

    This IS a FALSE ANALOGY if ever I saw one and I quote,'A bit like 50 of the mongrel mod attacking a nursing home, isn't it? '

    I think I'd better take my Dad's advice of, don't talk to idiots it only encourages them.

    Have a nice life bye.