An interesting Letter to the Editor in the Herald today

Labour's little tax rort problem isn't going away and their attempts to shut up the star witness are failing. Witness the Letter to the Editor in the Herald this morning.

It seems that Lisette Taylor is having trouble telling her side of the story and that Labour at its highest levels are attempting to shut her up with innuendo about irregularities.

The best thing that could happen is for the Commissioner of Inland to decide to have a look into this little dodge and see if there is any merit in it.

At least then we can have some idea as to whether our polititicians electorate accounts are squeaky clean. 


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  • barnsleybill

    Has the hartley suckhole confirmed she is not standing again?

    Can't imagine she will want to go back to failing at real estate. And I imagine she will have tied labour into a nice long lease on the electorate office which she owns, nice little lurk that being the landlord for youre govt funded electorate office 

  • Debbie

    Well I for one hope Ann Hartley is not standing. What a crook, trying to persuade the then treasurer, Ms Taylor, to do some dodgy book keeping so they could avoid tax. And to make it even worse she then marshalls forces to dump the treasurer when the latter refuses to break the law. What's a vote for Labour these days? One for corruption? It seems to me that it's one law for the Labour Party and another for the rest.
    And woe betide anyone who tries to steer on the straight and narrow with them! Time to change the Government at the next election?