Attacks on MP worry health advocates

Attacks on MP worry health advocates – 18 Aug 2007 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

The Herald outlines how Mental health experts are aghast at the behaviour of MP's towards Nick Smith. I blogged on how appalling Winston Peters was and he is reported as being unrepentant. More concerning is the reported comments of Ministers.

[quote]Hansard records reveal references since 2005 include Annette King referring to Dr Smith as "cracked", both Ms King and Trevor Mallard telling him to "take his pills", Phil Goff suggesting he take his "medication", Clayton Cosgrove referring to him as "troppo" and Michael Cullen making references such as "long before Dr Smith needed his pills", and "big, brave Dr Smith will take his pills".[/quote]

Annette King is the former Health Minister and if she is making comments like that then clearly she is not suitable to be a Minister in charge of mental health affairs and should resign forthwith.

And speaking of affairs Mallard best watch his "p's" and "q's" right now if my information is correct he is about to cop a right good attitude adjustment that show him to be the ultimate hypocrite with issues in the marital and honesty department.

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  • dad4justice

    Firmly at throat as liarbour are a corrupt regime that must be strangled until lifeless , as these fools have given a brand new meaning to the term  ;deceptive & deceitful political debauchery . 

  • Poor old Nick Smith, hasn't taken his pills? From what I hear Nick runs into problems when he mixes the pills with alcohol. I did not know you rabid right wingers were touchy feely types, after all those Gay Bashing comments made about Chris Carter. Nick Smith is well known for threatening legal action at every turn, His manipulation and political interference in Whangamata as Minister of Conservation in 1997 is a fine example.

  • Inventory1

    I agree with your comments about King WhaleOil – but in fairness, she is no longer Minister of Helath – that honour goes to Pete (Gollum) Hodgson

  • Whaleoil

    It is Labour that are the gay bashers. They hurl insults across the house whenever two National MP's get up to speak. They also abuse Chris Finlayson as well and have you ever wondered why there is only one shirt lifter in Labour's cabinet?

  • perky pinky

    Tell us something new. Don't you folks read the Herald?

    I read that piece about Mallard months ago in the Herald's gossip column; IIRC, he was totally open about the fact that he'd separated from his wife.

    And it's not exactly unusual (or fair) that MP's marriages suffer under the weight of their jobs.

  • Adolf fiinkensein

    perky pinky, thanks for confirmation that he was screwing around (cheating on his wife) at the very same time he was fingering Dr Brash in parliament.
    Foot in mouth


    admitting ones fears is the first step… 

    And you take umbrage at someones personal Art collections? and you base that as qualification for public office? I also have no idea of Nick Smiths Sexual preferences, or art collections, I judge him simply by his eratic behavour in Parliament.

  • Andrew Davies

    "Shirt lifter? I think Gays would probably be offended by that remark"

     Boo hoo hoo hoo

    The taking of offence is a personal choice. I will always defend the right of gays or anyone else to be as offended as they want to be.

  • pdq

    That's a bit rich comming from King, just who's Ministerial car was found to have some interesting little pills in it?