Great News for Helen, Winston and Peter

Law change would support breastfeeding – Newstalk ZB

Helen, Winston and Peter will be celebrating the introduction of the Infant Feeding Bill, which would give mothers the right to breastfeed regardless of where she is, without discrimination.

In her bill, Ms Chadwick is highlighting cases of businesses asking women to leave when they feed their babies. In one case, Te Papa staff asked a mother not to breastfeed in their library. In another a Dunedin cafe banned a group of breastfeeding women, claiming it displayed the wrong image to the public.

I don't know if we need a law for this, if i was a breastfeeding mother and some jerk told me to unlatch the leech and leave I would physically assualt them and give them the serious crazy eye to let them know they were going to lose.

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  • Sus

    You've missed the point.  It is no business of yours, mine and especially Nanny Chadwick as to who breastfeeds in, say, a cafe, except that property owner.  End of story. 

    This is the silly bitch who rode roughshod over the rights of every restaurant, bar, club & cafe owner in the country with her anti-smoking bill.  It wasn't and never will be her business as to what an individual's clientele may or may not do.  If you're a smoker you'd never be welcome in my bar, so you'd go elsewhere where smoking was permitted.  Everybody's happy, with no coercion either way.

    But not her.  She's an interfering busybody of the highest order.  Anything, *anything* to divert the nation's attention from a real problem – child torture – a result of her party's fucked-up policies that shamelessly promote racism and welfare.

     I don't give a monkey's whether somebody breastfeeds in my presence or not;  besides most women have the sense to be discreet about it.  But since when does *your* (bogus) right take precedence over another who may have the opposite opinion? 

  • Mark

    It should be up to the property owner – these days there are mothers still breast-feeding children up to school age. That's a bit werid in my opinion and don't want really want to see that while I having a coffee, or in a shop.

  • Anonymous Sooky La-la

    Then shut your eyes, look the other way. 

    I don't like looking at toddlers with dummies hanging out of their mouths but would never presume that I had the right to have them removed from a cafe because I didn't like looking at it.
    I think bottle feeding is pretty weird considering that only a short time ago formula could only be bought from a chemist with a doctors perscription because breastfeeding was then the Norm.

    In fact Breastfeeding of babies and toddlers has been NORMAL for thousands of years it is only since uptight Queen Victoria that it became fashionable to hand the ' filthy' job over to nurse maids and then eventually to bottles.
    All of these so called advances achieved was the separation of mother and child and the replacement of a PERFECT food with a chemical alternative that while essential in some cases is very much second best in most.