Latest poll all bad news for Labour

ONE News Colmar Brunton poll: Aug 12 | POLITICS | NEWS |

Despite some scurrilous attacks in parliament over completely unrelated and dated events, Labour has failed to make even a slight dent in National’s continuing popularity.

National 53% more than enough to govern alone
Labour 36%
Greens 5%
Winston First 3%
Maori 1%
United Future 1%
Act 1%

John Key is still preferred Prime Minister further denting Clarks’ previous unassailability. Labour will be sharpening their knives if this continues much longer.

John Key 33%
Helen Clark 30%

Is the last days of the Clark Government?

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  • pdq

    See ya Anon.

  • barnsleybill

    What next?

    The big bribes of course. And the election finance bill.

    They won the last election by stealing money to spend on self promotion and some ridiculous bribes. Polls do not mean shit, when people get into the polling booth swith a pencil in one hand and their wallet in the other they will do what people have always done. Vote for the biggest bag of lollies.

    This is especially true for the working classes who have no concept of deffered gratification. 

  • dad4justice

    Auntie Hellen's bag of lollies is laced with poison, as this witch is the master of deception and skullduggery and she will stoop to the level of a sewer rat to stay in public office .  

  • Peter McK

    From stuff

    "TV One's Colmar Brunton poll last night had National on 53 per cent, up 1 percentage point from last month, and Labour unchanged on 36 per cent.

    Miss Clark said today that she did not accept "for a moment" that National was on 53 per cent support. "

     This is great – she is in denial – i suppose what else can she say when so far behind in the polls that recovery is impossible. The rats are jumping the sinking ship. Now to sit by and watch them self destruct. Put the Champagne in ice.