Legs Day

Monday is legs day. I always workout legs on Monday. It sets up the rest of the week. Most people who work out neglect their legs, and they neglect them for two main reasons, one is they are soft cocks and can't handle the pain, the second is legs are the hardest muscle group to work.

So here is my legs work out at present.

10 minutes warmup on Cross trainer


  • 1 x set of ten no weight
  • 2 x sets of ten 60kgs
  • 1 x set of ten 100kgs
  • 1 x set of ten 110kgs
  • 1 x set of 8 120kgs

Leg Press

  • 1 x set of ten 200kgs
  • 1 x set of ten 250kgs
  • 1x set of ten 300kgs
  • 1x set of ten 350kgs
  • 1xset of ten 400kgs

Superset – Leg Extension /Leg Press

  • LE 1 x set of ten 165lbs
  • LP 1 x st of ten 400kgs
  • LE 1 x set of ten 185lbs
  • LP 1x set of ten 300kgs
  • LE 1 x set of ten 250lbs
  • LP 1 x set of ten 200kgs
  • LE 1 x set of ten full stack (300lbs)
  • LP 1 x set of 20 200kgs

Lying leg Curls

  • 1 x set of ten 95lbs
  • 1 x set of ten 105lbs
  • 1x set of ten 125lbs
  • 1x set of ten 135lbs

Standing Leg Curls

  • 1 x set of ten 45lbs
  • 1 x set of ten 50lbs
  • 1 x set of ten 55lbs
  • 1 x set of ten 60lbs

Warm down 20 minutes on bike.

Tomorrow I will cover Chest and Biceps.


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  • Spanishbride

    Well I must admit that his leg work outs are worth the pain ( HIS ) not mine haha

    What he neglects to tell you all is that he can barely walk for days afterwards, His legs seem to out of the blue just give out on him sometimes which is quite a funny sight to see I do assure you all.

    They are now however in my books the hottest looking legs in NZ, his butt is not bad either.
    I know await patiently the 6 pack he is still working on although his shoulders are already bloody huge and I wish he would stop working on them and concentrate on the 6 pack……

    I realise I am an odd creature as I have been bonking him for 21 years now but honestly he looks so different it is like having a new boyfriend.

    Pity about his terrible personality though as commented on by so many visitors here…but hey they say a hard man is good to find ;)
  • And what does Mrs WhaleOil feed this machine?

  • Anonymous Sooky La-la

    I hope and pray Whaleoil doesn't like being fisted. 


    Who is this dirty tart that likes to insert her whole hand into her male partner's arse? Perhaps she should comment more on the Young Labourite blogs?

  • Spanishbride

    Oh I DO enjoy the girl talk CK ( wonder no more men what we women are really talking about when we disappear on mass to the powder room LOL )

    Move in close CK and listen very very closely….the SECRET to a long and happy marriage is a man who can breath thru his ears.

    If he can find your G spot without a map that is also a huge advantage.

    The glute question I am yet to put to the test. I can't resist however sharing the following anecdote with you.
    Whaleoil was at the doc for a prostate check and he jokingly asked his Doc to first remove his wrist watch. Our doc who is a lovely man with a wicked sense of humour laughed and then DID remove his wrist watch!

  • Spanishbride

    He will eat anything as long as it is not green! I keep telling him the C in Diet coke is not for Vit C and I don't know why he doesn't get scurvy as I never see him eat a piece of fruit and he'll only eat broccoli to encourage the daughter to eat it.

    I am too busy running my Trademe business, the kids, and the world in general to cook anything that takes longer than 10 mins to prepare. Whaleoil has to cook on weekends but if my muscles were as big as his I would kick his butt and make him cook 50% 50% like the pre kid years. 
  • You did bring up the whole "bonking" thing above so I need to ask a delicate question.

    The LOOAMA (latest object of all my affection) has such defined glutes that he can actually capture my hand and wrist in his butt crack and I literally cannot remove it. 

    Can the WO machine do this?

    It's a fabulous party trick for 2.  Hours of amusement.