More on Vodafone and their egregious overcharging

Over at David’s the trolls are on attack, note they only attack over at David’s rather than come to my blog for a hiding. However not a one has bothered to actually debate the issue, playing me and my father for some strange reason.

They also mistake my outrage as an inability to pay the bill, which is so far from the truth it isn’t funny, they also seem to think that I expect the state to bail me out, which I most definately do not, I do however expect the Commerce Commission to investigate what to my mind is an egregious example of price gouging.

Vodafone moves to flat-rate data on roaming | The Register

Note also that Vodafone UK has this year introduced a flat rate for data in Europe; at least in the parts of Europe where Vodafone operates, of €12 for 24 hours connectivity.

Squarely aimed at business users connecting their laptop computers when roaming, the service is intended to make billing simpler, as well as offering a cheaper option for data-heavy users. Anyone roaming to a non-Vodafone network, or exceeding the 50MB cap, will find themselves paying their normal international rate, which could confuse further; though hopefully the majority won’t suffer from either scenario.

Of course this in direct contrast to Vodafone’s answer to Darren Greenwood that the policy is the same for all of Vodafone’s customers worldwide. Now if you use that example for my 20 day trip to Australia and approximately 250Mb of data consumed, my data bill would have been $480, only ten times my usual bill and a far more acceptable pricing regime for a premium service. $7000 for the same amount of data is simply theft writ large and Vodafone are very definately having a lend of their customers.

Of course don’t expect Sonic, DiM and other socialist lickspittles to understand the complexities of the issues, they are way to busy casting aspersions on me and my father.

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  • Spanishbride

    Sigh….. Whaleoil don't waste your time replying it is just encouraging him.

    He obviously has a problem with rich people and thinks that we are rich and therefore should not squeal when we are being ripped off unlike the poor downtrodden underclasses who ( their choice ) end up paying usury rates to lenders because they don't know of or have access to other less expensive options.
    Rich people apparently never make mistakes and should know better so it is funny if they are ripped off.

    ha bloody ha
  • rickyjj

    Haha I don't have a problem with rich people. I don't even think you're particularly rich. But Whale Oil spends a lot of time taking the piss out of the downtrodden and the people who try and help them so yeah you are right about one thing – it is funny. I can't wait to read about the Commerce Commission laughing in your faces.

  • Bok

    rickyjj did you get bullied at school? Maybe your mother dressed you funny?

    You have just shown why a culture of welfare breeds leeches. I do not know one person who have made their own money

    and not piss it away, have the attitude to money you speak of.  

    "Most people wouldn't scurry around in a drain for 10c… And if you're so rich then this is exactly the same thing. Rich people certainly don't have sleepless nights over $7000!"

    Most people who understand money will happily pay over the odds for something that is really worth that to them, but fight like hell to protect themselves from being ripped off.

    Spanish bride shame on you, you have children, you should know that the Hollow woman demands that we give children a forum. 

  • I don't actually see what Whale Oil's financial status has to do with the point. The charges he is facing are horrendous and
    he is right to query them – and doing a public service by telling us all about it.

  • Grant

    Rickyjj, as you're obviously new to the planet, what you're actually seeing is the free market, you know that thing you seem to so avidly despise, at work. What will happen is that Vodafone will become wary of the adverse publicity, and they will start to find their revenue stream for that particular product starting to dry up as more and more people realise they are being gouged. If they think it's a good idea the company will then move to address the problem by altering the charging regime, running an ad campaign, and doing all the usual corporate product relaunch stuff, and with any luck the old margin / volume formula will kick in and the company will make more many from lots of customers than it will from ripping off one very irate one. Of course the company could decide to do nothing at all in which case no one will use their service when overseas and they will be then be thought of unkindly by customers and shunned accordingly. Result = Less income.

    In essence Whaleoil's protest at the unexpected charging is just one of the many forces that drive the market.

    It sure beats having all your pricing worked out for you by the government, or maybe you'd prefer that option.