September 2007

Dick Quax accuses council of political meddling

Scoop: Quax accuses council officials political meddling

Fresh from accusations that there is considerable political meddling happening in Auckland City we now have a leading mayoral candidate accusing the Manukau City Council of running meddle-some radio ads during the election process.

Manukau City Council has run a radio advertising campaign that has the potential to invalidate this year’s local body election in Manukau. The advertisements have been playing on two Auckland youth radio stations claiming “having things like free youth events could change depending on who gets voted on to our local council”.
[quote]”It’s an example of Council officer activism that I have been fighting against for the last two terms on Council. People elect Councillors to represent them and this is being overridden by bureaucrats who have taken it upon themselves in an endeavor to influence the political process”.
“Our democratic processes are important to us and the very idea that people who are paid by the rate payer interfering in that process by pushing a political line should not be tolerated”.[/quote]
This could get very interesting especially if the elections are ruled invalid as a result.

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Why stop at schools

Nats may let landlords own state schools – 01 Oct 2007 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

National is looking at letting the private sector build and own the physical land and buildings for schools, whilst the State is essentially a tenant.

Labour of course has reacted with frothing and spitting despite the fact that have already done exactly the same thing with police stations and hospital car parks.

One has to ask why we don’t do the same thing with prisons and hospitals and dare I say it, roads.

Currently the Crown rents a great deal of office space from building owners in Wellington, if Labour are prepared to “die in the ditch” over the Crown being the owner of property for schools then why not for office buildings in Wellington?

These discussions show innovative thinking on the part of National and pure ideological dogma on the part of Labour.

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Mayoress now running "The Dick's" campaign

The Gluc is reporting in the HoS (sorry no link) that Diana Hubbard is now running the Dick's campaign.

I wonder if she knows anything about the law regarding political signs on moving vehicles. No, perhaps not.


Dick endorses former Young Nat…..

… and promises to move to Wellington.  Or has he just given up on Auckland?  Or is he just really confused?

I'm picking both. The word is a rather large contract is about to be let for wheelie bins and document shredding at Townhall.


Bainimarama speaks to the UN

No Minister: Careful, Reasoned Analysis? Not Likely

Despite the best efforts of Winston and the MSM to shut down debate about Fiji, especially as Labour and Winston try to shut down free speech in New Zealand.

Adolf has been assiduous in discovering details the media won’t publish and he has tracked down the Commodore’s speech to the UN where he outlines the challenges he has been facing since dumping the corrupt Qarase into ignominy.

The speech is worth a read, if anything to educate yourself about happenings in Fiji and compare them to what is starting to happen here.

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The Shield is Ours!!!!!

Cry me a river Canterbury.

This is going north for the off season.


Not the start to an article I'd want

Give me another go – 29 Sep 2007 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

There is an in depth review of Hubbard's and Banksie's mayoral bids. Unfortunately for Dick the Herald started its first sentence rather poorly.

[quote]The prize Dick Hubbard and John Banks are fighting for in the race to be Mayor of Auckland City has proved elusive. Both men are after a second chance. If Hubbard loses this election in two weeks time, he will join Banks and his predecessor, Christine Fletcher, who were voted out after three years in the job. If Banks wins, he will be the first mayor to make a comeback since Sir Dove Myer Robinson in 1968.[/quote]

The article is fair and balanced but makes no mention of Hubbard's illegal signs and improperly authorised election material.

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NBR covered launch of Kill the Bill campaign


Is it just me?

Perhaps, but I find it very ironic that the left are rallying behind pro-democracy protesters in Burma and at the same time trying to shout down our fight to retain free speech in New Zealand.

Now at least the monks are putting their lives on the line for what they believe in, the only thing the leftist lickspittles baying at us about our stance against the Electoral Finance Bill believe in is that the left is always right especially if Helen says they are.

Not one of them has even laid out a single sane and reasoned argument as to why the EFB should be even contemplated as it stands. Not one of them has justified the egregious way in which it has been handled with no public consultation.

They just shout and scream and fail to present any logic in defense of the indefensible.

They deny any relevance to the arguments that the Human Rights Commission and the Law Society and hundreds of disparate Kiwi's from PhilU to me have provided against stinking ,dirty, corruption of a bill, the worst assault on our fundamental freedoms in a democracy we have ever seen.

Meanwhile we are all supposed to jump in line and support Burmese protestors. The only person stupider than Sonic, Tane and all the other hypocrites, who if they lived in Burma and criticised would be shot, is Winston Peters, the ultimatehypocrite.

He had this stupid thing to say;

[quote]"Myanmarese authorities must respect the legitimate right of its people to engage in peaceful protest, and refrain from unwarranted or violent acts of repression."[/quote]

Dick head, they are a Military Dictatorship, they don't respect any legitimacy or any rights, if they did they wouldn't be in charge would they.

However my complete disdain for Winston worsens when he is the poodle supporting the banning of free speech and the setting up of a register of dissenters which could very easily lead to "unwarranted acts of repression" and a search and seizure regime that smashes down normal legal processes.

If you don't believe me I give you two words as proof of the governments unwarranted acts of repression, "Exclusive Brethren".


Hubbard's Campaign Illegal

While Hubbard breaks the law council officers are being sent on a witch-hunt to track down other offenders through political manipulation. 

Mayor Hubbard's election bill boards are illegal and contravene the very same By Laws he voted for at City Hall. Like many decisions at City hall the Mayor and Council have often not understood what they are doing or the implications of what they are voting for.

Hubbard's Bill Boards on the back of buses have been around for weeks and although illegal Council Officers have elected not to do any thing about it yet immediately some one else's signs appeared on vehicles action was swiftly taken within hours.

As posted here previously Council Officers have acted as a result of political intervention.

Council Officer Stephen Bloxham sent an email to the other offenders dated 27 September 2007 pointing out By Law 27.3.4