I didn't know fools like this still existed

Communist makes bid for mayoralty – Local News on Stuff.co.nz

This pinko commie wants to turn New Zealand into a Socialist Workers Paradise. He lauds Cuba, slams the media for hiding the facts on Cuba, wants to abolish taxes for workers including rates and GST, that he says can fall to the super-rich and anyone who runs a profitable business with employees although people who employ relatives may be exempt.

Like all good commie lickspittles he has done what the commissars have instructed. He didn’t choose to stand for mayor he was told to by the Communist League.

He is an immigrant from Malaysia of Indian extraction, one wonders why he chose to live in New Zealand to when there are plenty of Socialist Workers paradises out there to choose from….oh I know why because they SUCK!.

Hey Mr Appu, how about some light reading for some research. Lets start nice and simple with Animal Farm, then 1984, then how about the First Circle by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. That should do for reading.

Then go outside in the cold and slap yourself stupid for all the dumb things you said in your interview. Oh wait you must’ve have already done that.

Here’s an idea, take you commie propaganda elsewhere where it might be appreciated, you know, like Cuba. I wonder if they would allow someone to talk in their papers about the clear and obvious benefits of capitalism over communism. Of course they would they don’t have free speech like we do, well, for at least another few months, which reminds me KILL THE BILL.

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  • Brian Smaller

    Isn't Appu really Keith Locke's twin brother?

  • Shout Above The Noise

    On the up side [for them], he'll give guilt ridden, lily skinned liberals like Sonic, Danyl & Ben Wilson cause celebre !

  • Murray M

    Send the little turd back to where he came from.  He can reunite Zaoui with his family at the same time.  Two birds with one flight


  • Ian Harris

    What happens to this blog once we have a National led govt and the land is safe from all the reds under the bed? Do we all really welcome in the brave new world under John Key ? – never held a warrant let alone been the PM …3 yrs, if that, end of which the National Party will be split down the middle. Keep up the whining guys.