Kill The Bill Campaign Launched!!

David Farrar, Bernard Darnton and I have launched the Free Speech Coalition to attempt to Kill the Bill. and we also have a Facebook Group  

Please help us Kill the Bill – while we still can.

We have launched the Free Speech Coalition. We want it to be a focal point for all individuals and organizations opposed to the Electoral Finance Bill. From it you can find out about all the ways in which this law will prevent free speech – it will regulate e-mails, websites, protest marches, placards, posters, newspaper ads – basically everything that mentions a political issue.

We plan to run an ad campaign. Our ads will educate New Zealanders about this Government's unprecedented assault on our cherished freedom of speech.

We've got a creative team waiting to get cracking. But we need your support and/or your money.

You can donate instantly online. You can also donate via Internet Banking to our BNZ Account 02 0500 0908920-00 or by sending a cheque to the Free Speech Coalition, PO Box 12270, Thorndon, Wellington.

Also you can sign up as a supporter, join our mailing list, place our banner on your own sites, or help out in other ways. We need your help. We can't rely on the politicians to protect our rights to criticize them. Once this Bill becomes law, then it will be too late.

So please help us to Kill the Bill.

David, Bernard & Cameron on behalf of "The Free Speech Coalition”


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  • Robinson

    You're not fighting for my free speech but if you are that keen on free speech how about leaving this up: "WhaleOil (otherwise know as Cameron Slater) joined the Labour party as [details removed, not because I am against free speech but because the person who assisted me has been outed and is exactly the reason why we oppose the draconian registration requirements in the law, too prevent exactly the kind of witch-hunt being made against citizens who oppose the Labour Party – Whaleoil] in order to do this." WO – is this your real address? Have you used this alias to post letters to the editor, register to vote sell or buy on trademe or do anything illegal (mail fraud perhap?) or to deliberately mislead the public?

    [Be careful, because you are now accusing me of criminal activity, which is defamation, which well could lead to interesting proceedings. Only post what you are prepared to defend in court – Whaleoil]

  • Whaleoil

    Typical socialist, who thinks free speech extends to my living room (which this blog is simply an extension of). to continue the analogy you are free to stand on the street and holler (on your blog) no problems at all. But if you holler something that is wrong expect me to correct it, with the full force of the law if necessary. You are still free to say whatever you want on the street (your blog). Say it in my lounge (my blog) and you are almost certain to get whacked over. If you were in my lounge and you ignored my requests you would be a trespasser. I would be within my rights to have you removed. Your free speech rights do not extend to my lounge so fuck off and take your whining somewhere it is appreciated, you know like Jordan's or Tony's or No Right Turn, oh that's right they don't allow comments at all unless they arefully moderated. Fuck off jerk

  • Robinson

    Jeez, settle down boy. I didn't accuse anyone of anything I just asked a question – but if your so keen on the whole property rights thing I'll go post it on all the other blogs instead. Seeya, wouldn't want to beya (yep, I really really wouldn't want to be you.)

  • Whaleoil


  • Robinson

    "Child"? Does that mean you'll be pasting my face on a porn shot? (see Tane's comments on Kiwiblog)

  • Whaleoil

    If that is what gets you going, sure, send me a photo and I'll photoshop it for ya.

  • Robinson

    Tell you what – why don't you come around to my house and take one? My address is [no it isn't dickhead – WO].

  • Whaleoil

    Fuck are you schizophrenic or what, posting here undr one name and on Kiwiblog as another.

  • Grant

    Your "Kill the Bill" campaign has certainly stirred up a hornet's nest of the hopeless.

    Good Luck


  • dad4justice

    Free speech fuck the communist bastards !!

  • Robinson

    So have you found my other posts yet whale?

  • Spanishbride

    So you are upset that Whaleoil may have another name yet you post under different names on different Blogs.

    EErrr forgive me for not seeing a difference here, Pot kettle BLACK
  • pdq

    Robinson, you are one serriously screwed up piece of work. In fact you are the poster child for those of us who oppose the EFB and its restriction on our freedom to speak, and disseminate our views and thoughts with whom ever we choose.

    I usually get along with people despite their political views, but I am pleased I don’t have the misfortune to know you personally, because I suspect that I would detest you to the core as a human being.

  • Oswald Bastable

    It would seem the new site is working, drawing the freak show out from under their rock…

  • pdq

    Whaleoil: “be careful, because you are now accusing me of criminal activity, which is defamation”

    Robinson, seeing as you seem to only post during working hours, short lesson, if litigation were on foot the servers in the possession, custody or control of a certain union would be discoverable in their entirety under a Court order. Deleting stuff now only gets it off your PC, but by all means go for it if you feel better by doing so.

  • Robinson

    Whale – go ahead and give it a go. If you've got my deets, and sorry but you don't seem to, then you've done so illegally (probably through DPF) and, well, that's fine by me. Bear in mind that the outing game puts all this in the real world and I don't mind that at all. Do you?

  • Robinson

    Oh, and by the way if you think you've got a defamation case here you're even stupider than you seem. I'm pretty sure there's a couple of hundred against you lurking in your archive though. Munter.