My word hasn't the Anti-Spam legislation drastically reduced Spam?

Random thought as I troll through my Spam box, my word that Anit-Spam legislation has really cut down the amount of emails from Russian whores, Nigerian 419 scammers (hmm…must do another trophy), penis enlargement pill vendors and banks if no account with but apparently have had my password with them compromised.



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  • dad4justice

    Hey perky pinky I know a bad thing when I can smell a rotten hog like you. Yuck !

    Do you prefer to eat your spam from a can or from a troff ?


  • Whaleoil

    D4J please lay off the resident troll. I need her to stay around. I am sure she is quite nice rather than a hog, her nickname is Perky rather than Pendulous after all and the only things that I know that are described as perky i like to see more of.

    Ok mate. Cheers

  • Perky Pinky

    D4J, did you have apoint, or were you having a brain fart?

  • dad4justice

    Hey Perky Pinky great to see you use the Mrs Disgusting phrase "brain fart " , oh well, the same person that attacked my every comment on kiwiblog .

    What a sad life you must lead !

  • perky pinky

    'Brain fart' is not a phrase unique to anyone. it is a common slang expression meaning "a lapse in the thought process; an inability to think or remember something clearly."

    If you think I'm the same as somebody else who has been attacking you on another blog, have you ever heard of the words 'paranoid' and 'hubris'? Look 'em up — they describe you.



  • dad4justice

    Pathetic Pinky – why waste my time with such a perky cretin ?