Poor old Dick lost his rag today

Poor old Dick cut a lonely track this morning on his jog along the waterfront. Poor guy, he woke up to bad poll results and after a week he would rather forget he was left on his own to do his morning workout. What ever he was talking and muttering to himself while jogging can't have improved his demeanour.


No idea, but this afternoon at the Panmure Community Centre at a meet the candidates meeting Dick lost his rag.

Banksie led off and pretty much covered all his hot points, he even used his now standard line that Dick Hubbard is a good bloke, but he out of his depth and his council is out of control.

Well, if that just didn't set Dick off. He has clearly abandoned his policy of the last election of leaving the personality politics out of the mayoralty because he launched a vitriolic and one could say nasty attack on John Banks. He told the audience that "With every fibre and breath in his body, that he will do everything possible to keep John Banks out of Town Hall".

His tirade left the attendees of the meeting bemused and amused that the Mayor of Auckland, the person who they sadly probably voted for at the last election, was so dreadfully consumed with rage and jealously. It was a sight that was unfitting and unbecoming of the mayoralty.

I almost feel silly for the old duffer. But hey, he would be out of depth in a car park puddle, so there you go.


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  • Perky Pinky

    Your post has a grammatical error and a typo. Or did you mean to say 'son'? If so, whose?


    If you attack Hubbard for small errors errors on his website, you deserve t be attacked too. 

  • Whaleoil

    A bit rich coming from the bitch who made at least two errors herself in posting on this thread alone.

    This is a blog. Errors are expected. Dick Hubbard is the mayor, currently. You would think he would show some professionalism, sadly his site doesn't.