Swney gets the kiss of death

Alex Swney has received the kiss of death from the Black Widow of New Zealand Politics.

Not content with trying to destroy the National Party from within she has now set her beady eyes on the campaign of Alex Swney.

His campaign is now doomed beyond repair and will be lucky to get 22% of anything with her endorsement. I'll txt Alex Maurice's number so he can get some help to lance the boil he has suddenly developed on the rump of his campaign.


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  • Whaleoil

    While we talk about thing the Boagan did, we can talk about the $100k honorarium she got put in for the President when there wasn't any before.

    Also you can threaten all you like but National stands for Freedom of Speech and the boil found out that the hard way.


  • pumpkin

    Strange. Rumours had been swirling that Boag was involved with 1Auckland.

    Perhaps she has seen the light? 

  • Anonymous Sooky La-la

    Boag seemed to have the party pretty united when she trounced your dad by a two to one margin. Speaking of dear old dad, wasn’t he threatened with expulsion for being such a bad old bastard?

  • Anonymous Sooky La-la

    Boag also united the nation when she led Labour to one of its most impressive victories by dint of her appalling campaign for National  in 2002. Poor fundraising, mixed messages, grumpy members, gutting the head office and putting in a CEO that no-one liked. Dear oh dear. Now, let's not bag Michelle Boag for being a traitor. She genuinely thought she was doing the right thing as a so-called "change-agent". 


    Indeed it was true that Boag threatened Slater with expulsion, over allegedly leaking material regarding Boag's Fay Richwhite connection. It all panned out to nothing in the end of course. Curiously, it is now Boag who has taken voluntary exile from active party involvement while Slater is still seen as an operator within the National Party.  

  • Whaleoil

    Fuck off Michelle