What is Clark's position on Iraq? Been there, done that?

Operation Telic: Photos

Whilst Labour is crapping on about John Key's position on Iraq perhaps they would like to explain this picture.

See whilst John Key may have changed his mind over Iraq, Clark the hypocrite has actually been there.

This is a photo of her welcomed to Basrah by Major-General Lamb and officers from the New Zealand contingent serving with MND(SE)

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  • JC

    The pic reminded me of someone:


    Poor old Goff just got to hold hands with al Diseaso.





  • Is that Mr Bean closest to the camera?

  • Anon

    There I was thinking that there was no such thing as a convenient time for a suicide bomber

  • dad4justice

    John Dalley is obsessed with dicks because he does not own one and the coward lickspittle is one frustrated eununch loyal to the serpent ruler Hellgrad the Harlet .