October 2007

Senior doctors fire parting shot at Hodgson

Senior doctors fire parting shot at HodgsonSenior doctors have fired a parting shot at outgoing health minister Peter Hodgson, accusing him of "mind-boggling" behaviour in reaction to sector concerns.
Association of Salaried Medical Specialists (ASMS) President Jeff Brown…
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Senior Doctor flip the proverbial bird at Hodgson.

[quote]Mr Brown said problems in the sector had followed the pattern set by Mr Hodgson's leadership.

"His behaviour and inertia in response to advice and alarm from many groups of doctors is mind-boggling," Mr Brown said.

Colleges of medicine, the Medical Association and others had all made representations on issues.

"Only to hear him claim the opposite in the House, or consign them to the scrapheap of no response augmented by inaction. Is the disconnect deliberate, or dithering, or disdain?"[/quote]

Wow, you can't get much more critical than that except to use expletives. 


Proof Tuhoe just make shit up

TV3 > Home > Video

It has taken me a couple of days to get to this but while watching TV3 news the other day I saw something that was hilarious. Then I got an email from a loyal reader who reminded me of it. Look at the image beside lovely Hilary and check out the dates that Tuhoe are banning access to Te Urewera National Park.

Yes you read correctly, Tuhoe have banned access until February 30, 2008. I wonder if that actually means they have banned access indefinately as from my research there has never been a February 30, ever. Perhaps this is also gives us an insight at the damage the Electric Puha has been doing in the region.

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Court Action over EFB

Court action over Electoral Finance Bill – Newstalk ZB

A court challenge is being made against the Electoral Finance Bill.

Papers have been filed at the High Court in Wellington today, against Attorney General Michael Cullen seeking a judicial review of the legislation.

The action is being taken by Auckland man and ACT Party member John Boscawen. He is joined by Greypower, the Sensible Sentencing Trust and ACT Party leader Rodney Hide. Mr Boscawen says they believe the Attorney General was wrong in not indicating to Parliament that the legislation was inconsistent with the Bill of Rights Act.

The Government has relied on a Crown Law opinion which says the legislation is consistent, but this has been challenged by the Human Rights Commission and Law Society.

The Free Speech Coalition formed by David, Bernard and myself has donated $10,000.00 to this legal action. Thank you for your contributions, this is the first of many steps your kind donations have enabled us to bring to fruition.

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U R Fxxxing Whore

Offensive Fly Buys card scares woman – New Zealand news on Stuff.co.nz

Fly Buys sent this poor woman a card with a name on it. Unfortunately the name printed on the card was U R Fucking Whore.

Clearly the perpetrator of this was an Asian or at the very least East European.

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Mallard to face private prosecution

Mallard to face private prosectionWellington accountant Graham McCready has launched a private prosecution of Cabinet Minister Trevor Mallard over the parliamentary dust up in which he punched National MP Tau Henare.
Mr Mallard apologised to Mr Henare after the…
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This could well be a first, a Labour minister before the beak. Graham McCready has just added his name to the list of people who will be defamed and attacked in parliament with no right of recourse and for showing the police what they should have done.

[quote]McCready today said he had made a complaint with police about the incident, but they had refused to investigate as he was not a witness or an interested party.

He said he would now take a private prosecution as he believed the country's lawmakers should not be above the law.

"Mr Mallard's a politician, he's a lawmaker and now he is a lawbreaker," he said on Radio New Zealand.

"If you break the law and admit it publicly, you should be before the court."[/quote]

McCready himself is defending tax related charges but that hasn't stopped him demanding a higher standard from our law-makers.


Helen-ween shuffle scares neither friend nor foe

John Armstrong: Boo! PM's Halloween shuffle scares neither friend nor foeTrick or treat? Helen Clark's Halloween reshuffle hardly puts the frighteners on the National Party.
And the absence of surprise promotions or demotions makes it more difficult for her to convince voters that Labour is having major…
[NZ Politics]

John Armstrong opines that the re-shuffle was a big yawn and that no one including the opposition will be spending anytime fretting about it.

[quote]Trick or treat? Helen Clark's Halloween reshuffle hardly puts the frighteners on the National Party.

And the absence of surprise promotions or demotions makes it more difficult for her to convince voters that Labour is having major rejuvenation within its ranks.

Like the plot in a Stephen King horror thriller, yesterday's pre-election-year rejig demanded some corpses on the Cabinet room carpet to have real impact.

But the Prime Minister puts a premium on caucus discipline. That means rewarding loyalty and respecting seniority. The reshuffle is consequently more treat than trick in keeping colleagues sweet.[/quote]

Of course there is the slap on the wrist with a wet bus ticket for Mallard, the re-shuffle was meant to be a circuit breaker ahead of the conference, instead it turns out to be a short circuit. 

Bye bye Judith, you didn't do anything anyway

Goodbye Judith – I don’t need you, says Banks – 01 Nov 2007 – Political News – New Zealand Herald

Banksie has stuck it to Judith Tizard after she caused the dis-establishment of the Auckland Issues Minister through her distinct lack of interest in anything resembling work.

Clearly Judith has either solved all the issues or she was so completely inept that Labour has decided quietly to abandon Auckland after the complete thrashing that was dished out in the Local Body Elections. In fact you could almost say the dis-establishment of the position is step one in the revenge of labour against the city that refused to buckle under socialist dogma. If Judith’s threats are to be believed step two will be to give the World Cup final to Christchurch.

I think the Prime Minister used the wrong word when she described Judith as “tireless”, perhaps she meant tiresome?

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Falun Gong to sue the Peoples Republic of Wellington

Falun Gong takes on Wellington City Council – 31 Oct 2007 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

Chinese spiritual group Falun Gong is taking Wellington City Council to court after being refused permission to be involved in cultural events in the capital.

Falun Gong says the organisers of Wellington’s Cuba Street Carnival and Chinese New Year Parade allowed its brass band and dancers to take part.

However, the council overturned those decisions, labelling Falun Gong a political group and saying it could not join in the festivities. WTF, can’t participate in parades because you are a political group!!! I hope no Unions took part in the march.

What next? Not being able to speak on the street because you don’t agree with the government…oh wait…they are trying that one on right now.

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Well that's Helen-ween over with

Helen-ween provided a good haul for Master and Miss Whaleoil. The Helen Clark mask got great laughs except from some old biddy down the road who is obviously a Green because she had all of her fun transplanted at birth and can't see why anyone else should have fun.

Our neighbourhood really has fun with this. Pretty much all the kids traipse around and the parents follow with winde glasses and beers in hand having a good ole chat while the kids have fun.

I did a straw poll, no Labour votes in our street, true blue here, apart from old misery guts down the road.

Around the "blogs": Wow factor missing in Cabinet reshuffle

Blog: Wow factor missing in Cabinet reshuffleIt is hardly Helen Clark's big, fat bold reshuffle.
There is no Wow! factor is this reshuffle. But she has been bolder than usual in a couple of respects.
She has finally done what she has never done before and demoted a minister…
[NZ Politics]

Aunty Aud at the Herald is decidiedly underwhelmed.

Colin Espiner is derisive;

[quote]Beyond this, however, there is little to indicate a new team is waiting on the bench. Time-servers like Jim Anderton, Rick Barker and Parekura Horomia remain in Cabinet. Outside, plodders including Judith Tizard, Harry Duynhoven, Mita Ririnui and Mahara Okeroa will continue to draw their ministerial salaries for doing very little.

In fact, Tizard has been asked to do even less, losing her Auckland Issues portfolio, which has been abolished – although whether Auckland no longer has any issues or Clark is admitting they can't be solved is less clear. (I wonder who will carry Clark's handbag now?)

Clark has opted for the minimum of new blood that she felt she could get away with without facing accusations of a Clayton's (excuse the pun) reshuffle. There are no bold moves and nothing that signifies a change of approach from this administration.

Perhaps that is the right recipe – after all, it's served Clark and Labour well for the past eight years. But with Labour trailing 12 points in some polls, one might have expected a slightly bigger roll of the dice from the Prime Minister.[/quote]


Vernon Small is a little more conciliatory;

[quote]Trevor Mallard has lost his treasured sports and rugby world cup roles to Clayton Cosgrove as well as his front bench slot. That may not seem like much of a punishment to the public for his punching of Tau Henare, but it will hit him where it hurts. Nevertheless he retains his associate finance role and SOEs and picks up the coveted broadcasting role as well as environment. That suggests Clark still has a lot of confidence in his abilities as a minister … post his anger management course.

Clark was at pains to point out that half the ministers in today's line up were not in cabinet after the 1999 election and almost half were not in the post 2002 one either.

But one problem remains – the ministers outside cabinet which she select, as opposed to the caucus election for cabinet – still need a clean out of underperforming ministers. That should be her next job to get her administration ready for the 2008 election.[/quote]


Still the upshot from the "experts" is that the reshuffle was wide of the mark and more than a little disappointing, not the kind of coverage Clark was hoping for going into their last conference before the election next year.