Another Top Half Effort by Labour

NZ is 13th most taxed nation in OECD – New Zealand’s source for business, stock market & currency news on

New Zealand is yet again in the top half of the OECD and again it is the wrong half. This time it is as 13th place as the most taxed nation.

Again proving the lie that Labour and it’s allies that troll the blogs. This morning David Farrar also proved a lie. The lie that the 90’s was the equivalent of slave labour for workers. Well it turns they weren’t, in fact quite the opposite, and no one yet has disproved his contention despite over 175 posts.

The OECD taxation statistics also show Sweden is the most taxed nation with tax collectors taking in 51 per cent of GDP while Mexico at 20 per cent is the least taxed.

Australia, Cullens bug bear, unfortunately for him and his lies was the eighth lowest taxing country of the 30 industrialised nations.

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  • Mickey D

    Any sane person would choose to live where they can have a laugh, go on the large where and when one wants, be free to seize opportunities and be secure.  It's called being happy.  

    Whatever the applicable tax rate may be is totally immaterial if a given nation as a total package is what you want. 

    If you're so pig headed that you would prefer to live in a country simply because it has the lowest tax rate then you my friend are the irrational one. 

  • Whaleoil

    Well a couple of things. Firstly you are not my friend nor are you ever likely to be. Secondly there are many countries that are taxed way below New Zealand levels that I could do all of what you say AND pay less tax. in fact I have lived in some of them myself including Korea. Thirdly there are more countries taxed less than us that I would like to live in than those taxed more than us. In point of fact there is not one country taxed more than us that I would like to live in.