Dyson the new attack dog?

Dyson triggers attack on Bassett – The Press – Get the latest local, national and world news from Christchurch’s daily newspaper

Ruth Dyson is heading up Labours secret attack team. She has been outed by the Christchurch Press for running an email network urging Labour supporters to write to newspapers criticising Michael Bassett for attacking Prime Minister Helen Clark. A chilling prelude to the new world we can expect under the Electoral Finance Bill.

In the email from Dyson to Labour supporters, dated September 26 and headed “Your assistance needed”, that was obtained by The Press as part of an inquiry into the way politicians attempt to influence the media by getting party faithful to run letter-writing campaigns and phone talkback radio. She said;
[quote]”Did you read the outrageous attack on Helen made by Michael Bassett in the Press yesterday? This deserves some responses as letters to the editor. Please take the time to write – I would appreciate you taking the time to do this,”[/quote]

Michael Bassett’s response shows an understanding of the group of women that he used to be a minister with.
[quote]….said the email showed the lengths Labour would go to silence its critics.

“Ruth Dyson has always been famous for keeping a very tight list of what you could call `true believers’,” he said.

“In effect, it’s to protect Helen, to advance the Labour cause and to spot any particular problem that crops up in the media and get people to respond to these.

“The praetorian guard that surrounds Helen each has its function to perform, and clearly Ruth Dyson’s function is to activate the tree selectively, depending on whether it is a local issue or a national issue.” [/quote]

Michael also notes the foolishness of Dyson, in that the golden rule of politics is “don’t write anything down and send it if you don’t want it on the front page of the paper,”. Her job is as a minister not to run interference for Dear Leader.

We seem to have developed a cult of personality here in New Zealand, it is time to put an end to it.

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