El Jefe to be prosecuted

Police given leave to prosecute Field – 05 Oct 2007 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

Oh I can’t wait for this to come to court. I just hope it is before the election. El Jefe will drip feed all of his evidence about vote rigging in South Auckland, scrutiny will be on Damien O’Connor, perhaps one of the more inept ministers in recent times and of course Clark and Cullen will have to revist history and their wonderful words of support for El Jefe when allegations first surfaced.

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  • KevOB

    'Vote rigging in South Auckland'? This doesn't surprise me. When I was a candidate for the old Onehunga electorate in '75 we had questions then, where was prior Hugh Watts majority? No one could prove who was actually voting and there was a strong suspicion that busloads had come into town for the occasion. The outcome of the election did not depend on it so head office declined to pursue it. I't plain that Labour, as they then were, had their territory and what was theirs they were going to keep. I even had a molotov cocktail burnout the campaign caravan on the eve of the election. On one occasion Mike Moore came to speak and little old Labour ladies were reportedly seen climbing on the backs of my suporters and beating them with umbrellas. Has much changed?