Fools and their ideology

Some fool has posted a comment on my post of Labour's latest to half effort. This is what he said;

[quote]Any sane person would choose to live where they can have a laugh, go on
the large where and when one wants, be free to seize opportunities and
be secure.  It's called being happy. 

Whatever the applicable tax rate may be is totally immaterial if a given nation as a total package is what you want. 

If you're so pig headed that you would prefer to live in a country
simply because it has the lowest tax rate then you my friend are the
irrational one.[/quote]

Hmmm Okay so let us explore this rant a little deeper. For that we will need the graph from the OECD on the right.

Firstly let's get a couple things straight this commenter is not my friend nor is he ever likely to be.

Right onto some details. If you look at the list of countries that are taxed way
below New Zealand levels, in almost all of them you could that I could do all of "have a laugh, go on
the large where and when one wants, be free to seize opportunities and
be secure.  It's called being happy." Plus you get the added benefit of paying less tax. Certainly of the ones that pay less tax the only places I perhaps wouldn't be too keen on living are Poland, Turkey and Mexico, though I am sure I could find some nice spots out of the way to enjoy in those three countries. Some I have actually lived in, probably in stark contrast to my commenter.

In point of fact there is not one of the countries where they pay MORE tax that I would want to live in. Visit perhaps, but certainly not live there. I also not that there is a prediliction for colder countries to have higher tax rates, perhaps the temperature makes them more miserable and thus there could be a more tangible benefit to global warming than first thought.

So given the criteria that the fool posted and the assumption based on the fool's statement that the higher the tax the happier you will be how many of you are willing to live in the countries taxed more than NZ and how many live in the countries taxed less. A great many Kiwi's are already choosing Australia which is several positions below us.


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