Poll puts National in line to go it alone

Poll puts Nats in line to go it aloneNational has regained enough support to govern alone, according to the latest Herald -DigiPoll survey. It has 51.2 per cent support. Labour trails on 38.8.
A month ago the gap between the parties had narrowed to 4.9 points. The…
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Kiwi's have had enough of Dear Leader and her emasculated party.

The numbers are;

National 51.2%

Labour 38.8%

Greens still hanging in there at 5.4%

Winston First 1.8%

The Poll was takenshortly after a series of so-called "policy gaffes" involving Mr Key – saying the war in Iraq was over, removing the cap on GP fees and suggesting state schools could be owned by the private sector. Despite talking up these so-called gaffes loudly and publically the numbers haven't negatively affected National and have for Labour. That should worry Labour even more as they lurch from one crisis to the next.


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