Review of EFB Submissions

Ok I have just finished reviewing all of the non-individual submissions on the Electoral Finance Bill. It took me most of the day after having to download each pdf and then read them. Thankfully most are short.
Some interesting points;

  • Not one single business group supported the bill.
  • Only one Student Union (The Albany Students Association) opposes the bill
  • All other Student Unions had virtually identical submissions suggesting some collusion in preparation
  • All the Union submissions largely followed the same format and all called for public funding which was never contemplated with this bill in the first place.
  • Clear
    Union submitters haven't read the bill nor the Student unions as the
    uiversally call for re-instatement of banning of anonymous donations
    which never have been banned.
  • Winston is rooted, Grey Power is universally against this bill, if he supports it he is royally screwed.

I think the trojan horse here could be the call for State Funding of political parties, something Labour has been trying to get through for years. They actually pretty much did it last election when they nicked $800k of our money.

We seriously need to keep these folk honest and call to attention the draconian nature of the provisions of the bill.

Kill the Bill 


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  • "Or is he just stupid?"

    yeah–stupid as a greased weasel, that is.

  • Michael Wynd

    As the person who wrote the submission for Albany Students' Association I appreciate your comments. My view is that

    the other student associations just followed the version put out by the New Zealand Union of Students' Associations.

    Lazy? Perhaps, and they didn't really take the time as I did to canvas a range of opinions and the contents of the Bill.

    My issue is from a student association's point of view is that we would be prevented from spending any of our member's money if they so directed us, nor could we work together with other associations here in Auckland. In addition, our national body could not campaign next year for student issues. Unfortunately I think NZUSA may have gotten sidetracked on the donation matter.

    The funny thing is that this submission was no different to my personal one except that focused on Christians for which I was terms a "fundamentalist nutter"

  • Whaleoil

    Thanks for your comments. It was really noticeable that the other student unions were following a form letter.

    Good on you for doing what Student Associations are supposed to do, represent their students.

    I too have been called a "fundamentalist nutter" i wear that as a badge of honour. generally people who do the name calling do not believe in anything so i actually feel sorry for them that they do not enjoy the peace that believing brings.

    Once again thanks for your comments and don't forget…Kill the Bill. 

  • Graeme

    Direct public funding of election campaigns has been supported for a number of years by both Labour and National.

    The request for reinstatement of a ban on anonymous donations is, I think, that it be reinstated into the bill. It used to be in the bill, then they took it out when they took out the public funding bit.

  • Whaleoil

    Graeme, with respect, actually with no respect at all, you don't know what you are talking about. National has NEVER supported Direct Public funding of election campaigns. When my father was the President Mike Williams used to ring him up and badger him about joint promoting it with them to get it through. Dad would always tell him to FRO. Labour has always wanted it because it would save them the inconvenience of having to engage with the plebs to fundraise.

    The banon anonymous donation was never in the Bill, oh it has beent alked about ad nauseum by Labour but they never put it in any draft that national has seen…..oh that's right they didn't share the draft around did they….have the unions inadvertently let the cat out of the bag…that they were consulted but the major opposition party wasn't