So Trev, Speaking of Affairs, How is Sharon?

Back in August I blogged about this little episode and the utter hypocrisy of Trevor Mallard. The Duckman then scurried around the Press Gallery begging they respect his privacy, like good little pawns they did, pity they did no such thing for Don Brash.

What Trevor forgot was that there are things called blogs. We won't be cowed or bribed or shut up. Today in the HoS Gossip Columnist Rachel Glucina has finally outed Mallard. Good bloody job.

Sorry Sharon, if it upsets you but you are the one who hooked up with a shit who slings poo, unfortuntely you've got to cop a bit coming back at ya, but that's politics.

Oh and sweetie, it is un-becoming to go literally dragging Trev away from groups of sweet young things, smacks a little bit of desperation and jealously.


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  • Mike

    What an arsewhipe!!!!  You are as arrogant as Mallard!!!  You had great joy in advising how you had blogged it back in August take responsibility you prat.  In fact after reading this shit & the joy you had in saying it was Sharon Burridge I wouldn't cross the road to piss on you if you were on fire – maybe you should be running for parliament your a complete prat & liar so you would fit in nicely.   

  • Whaleoil

    Obviously they don't teach you grammar or spelling at NCEA Labour Lickspittle.

  • mike

    Fuck off you fat prick its amazing you could stop biting the pillow long enough to write that.   Sorry better let you get back to parting your cheeks and thinking up what other lies you can write……that's it fatso bury your head back in that pillow & take a big bite…….


  • Whaleoil

    Wow such prejudice and in tolerance, fat people and homosexuals, my, my you are repressed aren't you. Well considering that I am neither you kinda missed the mark, which is no doubt the story of your life. I bet your mum hates having to wipe the bathroom floor after you miss the mark.

  • mike

    That's strange when you had your cock up your mothers arse and you were sucking your father's balls while fisting him up the arse; my you & your family are truely close – now down to Wellington to become the rent boy you always dreamed of….you sad fuck (sorry sad family fuck) ha,ha……. 

    Unlike you I have job and would rather waste waste my time blogging with someone who isn't their mum's best fuck and their Dad's best arse licker.  Fuck you Cunt Features and enjoy licking your old man's arse crack


  • Whaleoil

    You mean you had a job until you posted your filth all over my blog in work time from your work computer whose IP address is known to me and now to your boss along with all of your comments, well done and you have been.