Not PC: Pinker on swearing

Unfortunately for me my Mum reads the blog and I sometimes get my ear twisted about my gratuitous use of words like fuck, shit, arse and boobs.

Well, Peter Cresswell points us to some understanding about swearing.
[quote]”When used judiciously, swearing can be hilarious, poignant, and uncannily descriptive.”[/quote]

I’ll fuckin’ second that brilliant fuckin’ suggestion, out-fucking-standing!

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  • ManukauMum

    – I’ll fuckin’ second that brilliant fuckin’ suggestion, out-fucking-standing!

    So, that's "f***in'" as an adverb, "f***in'" as an adjective, and "f***in'" as an interjection.   A grammatically flexible word!


  • helmet

    The odd swear word is great! I called Nome a dickhead on kiwiblog yesterday and copped a warning for it from moderator Jordan.

    What the fuck? Even disney allows 'dickhead'!.

  • Spanishbride

    Whaleoil gets my disapproval for swearing too but hey he is a big boy and his Mummy and Wifee ( me ) are not his editors.

    As for grammar and spelling he would use a spell check  or proof read his work if he was a paid journalist.

    So would I. However on a Blog I too relax and just blurt out my thoughts when I have the time, too bad if it is spelt wrong etc. Geez who needs the word police?

    There are blogs I have read that would get an A from me for spelling and grammar and an F for interest.

    Actually I think BUGGER is much worse than Fuck which is used so much now days that it is almost as accepted as Bloody which used to be a really bad swear word.

    Bugger sounds a lot more painful don't ya think LOL yet it has been used in ads on NZ T.V 

    There is only one word that I cannot tolerate and Whaleoil never uses it thank God.

     It starts with C and ends with T. I simply can't stand it.



  • Whaleoil

    Yeah, I hate it when people use the word can't.