They will pry my 50" Plasma out of my house at the same time as they pry my guns from my cold dead hands

Big-screen TVs may be outlawed – 12 Oct 2007 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

Fucking meddling socialists. Sorry for my return to expletives but I have really just about had enough of this nanny knows best bullshit.

I won’t get rid of my beer fridge nor my old freezer, i certainly won’t get rid of the 50″ Plasma, in fact I may take it upon myself to own several. I won’t stop driving a V8 and I certainly won’t be stopped from my right to free speech.

This policy will finally tip the swinging voter away from Clark and Labour plus her hangers on. meddling in people living rooms is a step too far.

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  • Rocket Boy

    Try reading this: 

    (That's an internet site, cut and paste it into your web broswer, which is the software you use to look at websites) 

  • Whaleoil

    Is that the story i linked to?

    Here's a clue, no it isn't. Duh!

    Now go away dickhead, I am not the least bit interested in your point of view, coming from behind your pinko-tinted glasses.

    On another note you obviously are having a little trouble coding in html. That is the code that websites are made from. It means Hyper Text Markup Language. You however still haven't managed to get past Crayons On the Wallpaper.

    Go away. 

  • Rocket Boy

    It's a bit of a fucker when the facts get in the way of your narrow minded view of the world.  

    I am happy to 'go way' but as very few people bother to comment on your blog site it must get a bit lonely.

  • Colonel Masters

    emmess wrote:

    to come in to people homes and ban or tax the shit out of every single enjoyment people is downright evil

    Reminds me of the Taliban and their outlawing of listening to music and flying kites. I suppose Klark and her cronies are worried that somewhere out there somebody might actually be enjoying him or herself.