November 2007

Interview with Christine Rankin

Infonews interviews Christine Rankin

An email from Chris Carter

Simeon Brown has received another email from Chris Carter. He handed it to me at the march today. It should be noted that Chris Carter is our Education Minister.

Thousands march against the Bill

Thousands march against Electoral Finance Bill – 01 Dec 2007 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

March to protest electoral finance bill – New Zealand, world, sport, business & entertainment news on

Thousands take to Auckland’s streets | NATIONAL | NEWS |

TV3 > News > Story > Almost 5000 march against Electoral Finance Bill

I reckon we had over 6000, there were certainly heaps more than last time, showing Helen Clark and the rest of the country that though they are still in love with Helen and Labour Auckland has had enough.

Speakers were John Boscawen, Christine Rankin Bob McCoskrie and Danny Watson. I’ll post video later as soon as I edit it.

MP’s in attendence were Judith Collins, Jackie blue, Wayne Mapp and Rodney Hide (who marched wearing a duct tape gag). City Councillors Sam Lotu-i-iga from Auckland and Jami-Lee Ross and Dick Quax from Manukau City were there. Christine Rankin is an ARC Councillor and she spoke as well.

It was very satisfying to hear chants of Kill the Bill. Blogger power was in evidence as well with MikeE, Fairfacts Media, and Gooner there plus plenty of my loyal readers some of whom I don’t even know.

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More evidence of an uncaring government

IHC garden workers out of a job – New Zealand news on

I have blogged on this repeatedly and have copped abuse from leftist arseholes as a result, but as I predicted the newspapers are now filling with dis-heartened and crapped upon disabled people who have lost one of the few enjoyments in life these deserving folk get.

The government on this issue alone should be tossed from power. Admittedly I am personally affected by this stupid law, but I mean even the most dim-witted could have seen this happening.

[quote]Only one of the dozen Selmes Road Garden Centre workers has a job after the centre closes its gates for the last time today.

"It's not good. It's hard on us. We wanted it to keep going," said Richard Ashton. 50, who has worked at the nursery for 12 years.
Tomorrow the amended Disabled Persons Employment Promotion Act comes into place giving disabled people the right to the minimum wage.

IHC director of advocacy Philippa Sellens said in a statement IHC was celebrating the repeal of the act, which had allowed some people to work without annual leave or sick leave or with no right to join a union.
"For 47 years the law allowed people with disabilities to be discriminated against in the workplace," Ms Sellens said.

However Selmes Road Garden Centre manager Nick Freeth said: "At the end of the day, the majority of the disabled, especially the mentally disabled, have been disadvantaged by the repeal of the disability act."

IHC's service arm Idea Services announced in August it would sell the garden centre as it did not want to be an employer.

This was met with anger and concern by workers, their caregivers and many in the wider community.
A Marlborough IHC founder Mick Murphy was outraged by a memo people affected by the new law received from Idea services manager Martin Anderson suggesting employees could become self employed.

"Staff will support you in this where needed, but the bulk of the work would need to be done by you," the memo read.
Mr Murphy said: "My intellectually disabled daughter, who cannot read or write brought home this (memo)."

Like many of the others at Blenheim's vocational bases she could not understand the content of it, he said.[/quote]

Ms Sellens should change her name to Sellout, because that is what she has done to these people. Instead of arranging a party to celebrate she should be packing her desk. Even her own organisation has gone against the party line of celebration and shown the rest of us what this law means by saying that "did not want to be an employer." They shut the doors despite the main organisation having a fricken party.


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More than a decade stuck in a rut

NZ stuck as other nations prosper – New Zealand, world, sport, business & entertainment news on

An other report another black mark for the government.

[quote]New Zealand is stagnating while other countries surge ahead, and Australians are richer, healthier, better educated and living longer, a United Nations report shows.

The report, made public this week, shows that New Zealand has spent more than a decade in a rut placed 19th on the UN Development Programme’s Human Development Index.

Australia is placed third, Spain has leapfrogged from 21st to 13th place, and Ireland – once on a par with New Zealand – is now fifth.
The index is based on a range of data including wage rates, life expectancy, adult literacy, government spending and gross domestic product.

It shows that since 1998 New Zealand has remained at either 19 or 20 on the scale and this year scored an index rating of 0.943. Australia is third with 0.962 – it was fourth in 1998.[/quote]

Gee, that makes it 1 year of National and 8 of Labour….can’t blame that report on the previous government.

Cullen, in typical socialist fashion decided derision and denial is the best policy.
[quote]But Deputy Prime Minister Michael Cullen said the report showed New Zealand was “very much a First World nation”.

As with all international league tables – some of which New Zealand did very well in – the results needed to be “taken with a grain of salt”, he said.

“Far from standing still, New Zealand over the past eight years has made huge strides.”[/quote]

Oh contraire Cullen, according to the report standing still is the only thing we have been doing as other nations leap ahead.

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Don't forget the march before you fly to Australia

Cartoon: The week that was – part 2 – 01 Dec 2007 – Political News – New Zealand Herald

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Help the Auckland Down Syndrome Association


Richie Barnett has donated a bean bag for the Auckland Down Syndrome Association for fundraising.

Since his retirement from rugby league, Richie has enjoyed a career as a sports broadcaster as well as having successful business interests. One of the programmes he co-presented was Code on Maori TV and all visiting sporting heroes were invited to autograph the bean bag that was in the studio. So far about half of the signatures have been identified and they include from rugby union Ali Williams, Buck Shelford, Dan Carter, Luke MacAlister, Rico Gear and Peri Weepu. From rugby league, apart from the great man himself, there are Brian McClennan, Dean Bell, Jerome Ropati, Louis Anderson and Tawera Nikau. From boxing there are David Tua and Shane Cameron, Che Bunce from soccer, Greg Murphy the racing driver, Jason Suttie the kick boxer, Shelly Kitchen from squash, Sheryl Scanlan from netball, mountain biker Vanessa Quin and jockey Michael Walker.

These are only some of the amazing names that appear on the bean bag.

Go and bid and help raise some money for a deserving cause.

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Charles Ashe MP for Prime Minister

Facebook | Charles Ashe for Prime Minister

Someone has set up a Facebook group “Charles Ashe for Prime Minister”. I think this guy would be brilliant as PM, maybe if he stands in Mt Albert he could give Clark a run for her money.

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John Armstrong: When a little humility could go a long way

John Armstrong: When a little humility could go a long wayAs a much-needed antidote to the third-term arrogance which periodically afflicts the Government, Labour could do itself a power of good by acknowledging it occasionally gets things wrong.
The obvious place to start is the Electoral…
[NZ Politics]

John Armstrong outlines some options to assist labour avoid electoral embarrasment over their arrogance of trying to ram through the Electoral Finance Bill. 

[quote]Had it sought a broader consensus from the beginning – and had National walked away from any subsequent multiparty talks – Labour would be firmly ensconced on the moral high ground.

Instead, the bill has been written and rewritten in the back rooms of the Beehive with Labour's prime motivation being the short-term political imperative of knobbling National's financial advantage in the run-up to next year's election. Labour's self-serving behaviour and departure from the norm of cross-party co-operation when writing electoral law made a gift of the moral high ground to National even though National's objections to the bill could likewise be regarded as self-serving.

The other difficulty of trying to appease the bill's opponents with an inquiry is that it would beg the question of why not simply discharge the bill altogether and conduct next year's election under the old rules.[/quote]

Of course labour won't do that because they have staked so much on their claim that the EB are evil spenders of their own money while at the same time forgetting that the EB's broke no rules and Labour broke several inculding knicking $800,000 of our money to fund its campaign.

If anyone used "big money to buy elections" it was them. They won after all and thus can be the only ones charged with buying the election.


Stephen Franks to seek selection for National

Move to National – 01 Dec 2007 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

Former ACT Mp Stephen Franks is seeking selection for National in Wellington Central. Great stuff as Stephen certainly has a brain on him and was one of ACT’s major losses at the last election.

Of course it poses a problem for ACT in that they can get ACT by default if enough former ACT MP’s stand for National.

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