Lame Photoshopping at the Sub-Standard

The Sub-Standard is full of lame photoshopping and their skills haven't got any better. They just posted a rather lame magazine cover.

Kiddies, if you want to photoshop get better at it, like this. This is full poster size for folk to print and put in their office. Click to display full size.



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  • Anonymous Sooky La-la

    Poor Robinsod. He hates the James Sleep pic so much. Hey here's an idea. Why don't you fuckwits put your savings together and hire Chevvy Chauvel? What, you have no savings and bludge off other hardworking people? What kind of example is that for James Sleep?

  • Robinsod

    That's a brilliant idea. I know someone who knows James. I might find out if he want to take legal action further. Cheers anon.

  • that will be a funny cross examination.

    "Mr Sleep, you are complaining about a photo that purports to have you reaching for your genitals. Have you, at any point in the past, grabbed your own genitals?"


    [in a pipsqueak voice] "Uhh, yes, but……"


    "Case closed m'lud"


    "Dismissed, See you at the club" 



  • Spanishbride

    As my Dad says there are wankers and there are liars LOL

  • Robinsod

    Does your dad spell it wrong too? LOL

  • Anonymous Sooky La-la

    Hey Robinsod, you're still here?  Aren't you meant to be finding out if James Sleep want to take legal action further?  And if he has more than a zero chance of winning?