Matt McCarten: Media gain more power when voice of democracy is muffled

Matt McCarten: Media gain more power when voice of democracy is muffledMost senior members of the Labour Party are convinced that they almost lost the last election because of the million-dollar secret campaign funded by the Exclusive Brethren. Only the exposure by Green Co-Leader Rod Donald and the… [NZ Politics]

Matt McCarten is often under-estimated in his political nous. Just read his column in the HoS this morning to see what I am talking about. He is a very, very smart and wily campaigner.

Matt elucidates in plain english Labour's problem and expands upon john Roughan's contention, yesterday, that we need MORE private money in election campaigning not less and the real rort that gives huge advantage to incumbency. Matt doesn't say it but I get the picture that he would like to see the playing field leveled not by restricting the public but by removing incumbent politicians access to public funds. I agree with him.

Labour on the contrary wants to have political parties publically funded, yet another rort that protects incumbency. 



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