MPs find way to spend money on themselves

MPs find way to spend money on themselvesNational claims that Labour's 2005 election pledge card would be legal under a bill on parliamentary spending that is to receive a first reading in Parliament today. Political editor Audrey Young explains that claim, how MPs have… [NZ Politics]

Audrey young explains how the Government is trying to implement Public Funding of Political Parties by stealth. She does a handy question and answer to expose the utter hypocrisy of this government. 


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  • Not his mouthpiece, not at all; I asked you to reconsider what you'd done as a Father. I thought you, earlier, acknowledged the request as reasonable. I'm just following up. I've remained polite Whale, you could do the same.   

  • Whaleoil

    I await news from James,

    sincerely yours



  • I've been offshore a few days and have just returned to see your reply. I can only say I'm disappointed.

    You seem to be saying that unless James retracts his threat of action you'll not remove the post. I think this is an error. I think you know you've gone too far. The guys a teenager. I've got teenage kids. They do and say things that they might not otherwise had they thought for a moment or two – having said that, as far as I know the only thing James did was take offence at your mockery of him – pretty fair I'd say.

    Either way, I actually think he has cause; I actually think if he lawyered-up, they'd have a simple case and you'd both take down the offending image and pay his costs. I'd have thought you might want to avoid this by simply removing the image.

    Whale, I've had a go at this and initially at least I thought you could see the benefit of simply removing the image. It's probably too late now and I think I'll leave it.