Standard Wrong , Audrey Right

The leftist lickspittles at the Standard like to think they are the intellecual superior of everyone. Today after taking a shellacking over the last couple of days at Kiwiblog have decided that they will attack Audrey Young at the NZ Herald, and while they are at it attack Fran O'Sullivan in the comments.

Unfortunately for the fools at the Labour Party echo chamber that is the Standard they got it wrong, like so many of their other dreadfully spun attempts.

You see Chris Trotter like to pretend he is a "journalist" when in fact he is a Labour apologists trying desperately to hide the fact. Unfortunately for the Standards argument and Chris Trotter's credibility there is video footage of him manfully and stridently singing Labour's new anthem alongside poor old Tony Milne and two away from Steve Maharey up on stage at the Labour Conference.  

To paraphrase them, It's not a particularly big deal or anything, and I understand Chris T wore that left turn shirt all conference, but for sure the conference programme did Chris and seeing as you all recycle the talking point of Labour now that Jordan can't be bothered, you think syou could've just fact checked it with him.

Pretty bad when you accuse everyone else of telling porkies when you go and do exactly the same thing.


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  • Robinsod

    Seeing as teh ban is lifted I'd like to point out that you have accused the standard of changing their post. That's a lie but I'd imagine they won't ban you for that over there. They seem to believe in some strange thing called "free speech". Yeah, I'm not sure about what it means either Whale.

  • Mark

    And how many other people, i.e. normal Labour supporters were allowed to go up on stage and sing with the Labour MPs.

    Not your ordinary supporters – they are just plebs how are told how to think and to open thier wallets when every labour steals money to fund thier party.

    Not the party of the people.

  • barnsleybill

    Whale, if you allow those fucktards to post here you will end up with a kiwiblog situation where you gets lots of traffic until everybody gets thoroughly sick of having to smell the vomit that the 4 fucktards continually threadjack with.

  • Robinsod

    Hey Bill – you're here too eh? "Fucktard"? That's almost as funny as naming oneself after Hitler. You're a funny guy. Maybe I'll visit your blog too.

  • barnsleybill

    Visit away and I will keep deleting your fucktard comments. i neither need or want comments from you or the rest of the circle jerk

  • Leonidas

    There seems to be much confusion between "freedom of speech" and "desire to listen".

    C'mon, you don't stick your nose over the fence when the next door's are having a barbie with their mates and drop in to the conversation. It's called common courtesy.

  • Robinsod

    Oooh poor Bill – I didn't realise there was someone out there as vile as whale until I read your blog but the big guy is a sweetheart compared to you Bill. Y'know y want me Bill why not just admit it – you'll feel better… 

  • barnsleybill

    briliantly put leonadis, kiwiblog has descended to the level of a teenage chat room specifically because a number of posters are going out of their way to disrupt and deflect debate. What these turds do not realise is that many of us are not interested in their opinions, we do not seek to influence them or engage them. I believe there is now a concerted effort to ruin kiwiblog by Clarkes team.

  • Robinsod

    Tin. Foil. Hat.