Who are The Standard?

Ok folks I have had enough of the thugs at The Standard who have taken it upon themselves to be the Internet Police. In a recent post they have defamed me and my father and went a very long way down the path of defaming Insolent Prick. They have also mounted a campaign against one image in my Gallery that frankly didn't warrant the attention it has been given.

Unfortunately for them I will not be threatened. Unfortunately for them I do not also take kindly to bullies. Therefore it is with regret to any innocent parties that I must publish the following details.

thestandard.org.nz is registered in the name of Lynn Kelvin Prentice whose address is listed as 1N / 6 Burgoyne Street, Newton, Auckland. Mr Prentice is listed as the CTO for Smartsims International Limited. From company office records Mr Prentice also is a minority shareholder in SmartSims International Limited, he holds 680 shares.

From Domain registry information the standard.org.nz uses ak3.netmike.com as its DNS. That same DNS is also used by Smartsims International Limited. Both sites are hosted from the same server at IP Address

Therefore as their employee Mr Prentice who is also the registrant of thestandard.org.nz has exposed Smartsims International Limited to a defamation action. All currently listed Directors and shareholders (listed below) will be added as parties to that action. They are;

GAIN, Raymond Sang of Palmerston North
GAIN, Albert Sang of Botany Downs, Auckland
GAIN, Dennis Terrance of U.S.A.
MAZANY, Peter Charles of Meadowbank, Auckland
NAIDU, Shiva of Dallington, Christchurch
FORSDYKE, Iran of Manukau
SHARPE, Andrew of Browns Bay
WONG, See of Mt. Albert, Auckland
HOOK, Nick of Albany

I will also be joining the EPMU to the action due to the continued actions of their employee/staffer Tane who also acts as the defacto leader of The Standard.

Their servers, their employee, their shareholder, their problem. You see it is quite unacceptable to to call someone a paedophile, or accuse them of sexually harassing teenagers, disseminating child porn, creating pseudo-pornographic material and a kiddie-porn apologist.

Failure of The Standard to publish a full apology to be kept at the top of their site for two weeks and removal of the defaming comments will result in further unspecified action without notice.


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  • colinm

    Heh. sickem Whaleoil. Damned cowards the lot of them.

  • Anonymous Sooky La-la

    Don't know if you picked it up but netmike.com is registered to Smart Sims and mail for godknows.netmike.com (the 3rd MX of netmike.com) is handled by lynn.gen.nz

  • Anonymous Sooky La-la

    The scumbags. Typical of these left-wing facists to use such low tactics.

  • barnsleybill

    Outstanding effort, I think that is what Kelso would call a BURN…….


    I just love it when turds bring a knife to a gun fight.. 

  • barnsleybill

    And the dork lists himself as an MBA



  • Robinsod

    Whale – all you're going to do is show everyone how impotent you are. For a guy who bangs on about free speech you don't seem to have much stomach for it bro which is very surprising considering how much stomach you've got.

  • Whaleoil

    It isn't free speech to defame people as you and your mates will find out.

  • dad4justice

    These Labour filth from the sub standard are mad as haters . They think they can smear people at will . I can tell you all that the creeps that inhabit the standard sewage blog are demented scum not worthy of anything else but a cell in Liarbore Prison !!

  • Inventory1

    So all that Robinsod can come up with is a smart-arsed reference to your waistline. On behalf of all rotund readers of your blog, I saw that's a low blow, and take them to the cleaners!

  • mattb02

    Good on you Whale. There are laws on this sort of thing and you're asking for accountability under them, as is your right. Keep us updated on developments.

  • lprent

    An interesting stretch of legal principles.

    FYI: I am not an employee of Smartsims and haven't been since last year.

    The site is not hosted by Smartsims, and isn't in their DNS servers.

    Looks like ak3.netmike.com is at the registry – from when I did the origional site setup – case of fingers on automatic. However if you have a look using nslookup, you'll find that there are no entries at that DNS, and never have been.

    Since you've been looking around the DNS registry, you should have also found my e-mail address and phone numbers. Standard net practice would be to talk to me about whatever the offending items are.

    Since you haven't done this then I don't even know where the items are on the site, so it gets hard for me to judge if they are fair comment, true, false or otherwise.

    It looks to me like you are more interested in grandstanding than actually fixing a issue.

    I'll get this posted at TheStandard as well in case someone can point me at the items.


    Lynn Prentice


    I've now had a look at everything except the offending message (deleted by admins when it was first observed). The comment by a young person on The Standard must have been over the top.

    However I also find that WhaleOil's behaviour in hosting a porn image with a young boys face on it to be even more distasteful. That is where the offending behaviour started from. If the person whose image has be misused wants my support in starting an action – I'd be willing to help.



  • shreddakj

    It's not a porn image.. Much much much worse images are shown on National Free to Air television at times when children are actually watching television.

  • Whaleoil

    Nice weaseling your own arse out of trouble, I see you have updated some of the details but the nameservers remain the same. 

    It doesn't change the fact that they, your pals, defamed me and continue to defame me by only removing one posted comment.

    Still you are still listed as the registrant and therefore the owner of that domain, shall i use the posted address as the address for service for you? 


  • Spanishbride

    God I just LOVE how they keep refering to a photo shopped image made ages ago and now only viewed by Labour party members on a regular basic because TANE AND ROBINSOD keep telling everyone to check it out!

     It is old news and the only reason Master Sleep is being embarassed is because these mad dogs seem intent on PROMOTING the image! Drawing attention to the IMAGE, using it for THEIR political grandstanding.

    If they were truely concerned about master Sleeps feelings WHY on earth would they continue to raise the issue? lets face it.No one reads a Blog past the last weeks postings.

    Its like an old newspaper that was used to toilet train the puppy a year ago. 

    They are trying to milk a non issue for all its worth.

    I am glad Whaleoil is now giving them a taste of their own medicine. I hope they squirm while frantically back pedalling and trying to cover their collective red arses. 


  • Robinson

    Y'know Whale – if you don't hurry up and serve some papers everyone's gonna know you're a coward. When are they gonna turn up bro? I for one won't stand by and let people forget about this travesty that's been perpatrated against your good name. I await news of your case's progress with baited breath. Perhaps I should put out a media release about it – I can see the headline now: "National insider defends right to cyberstalk 15 year olds" no, how about "Gay porn harrassment my right says Slater" or even "You were asking for it Grown man tells 15 yr old boy" or "Pervert sues to defend good name". Y'know I'm really starting to seriously consider this…

    Oh and jeez, it's nice to have my old name back.

  • Whaleoil

    I do things on my timetable and the more I wait the more the evidence mounts in my favour.

    Congratulations, Robinson, you just added yourself to the list of enjoined defamers. 

  • Spanishbride

    Bla Bla Bla Yeah Right.

     Whaleoil is the one who has been waiting patiently for papers to be served. He keeps saying bring it on but where are they?

     Hot air bla bla Robin finger pointing Sod OFF 

  • Spanishbride

    Oh yeah and while you see GAY PORN and kiddy fiddling I see a fake photo of a teen with his hand down the front of his pants.

    I bet you get turned on looking at Victoria's Secret catalogues cause they are obviously PORN with those scantily dressed models in  those provocative poses.

     I thought Reds were supposed to be Liberal not Prudish and conservative. 

    What is wrong with being Gay??? Nothing from where I stand. It is your sick mind that has the problem.

    Stop being so fixated on this poor kid. 

  • Robinson

    Woohoo! That’ll mean I’ve got a real personal interest angle for that release. But how are you going to serve me papers?

  • Whaleoil

    That is for me to know and you to find out when you least expect it. You are not as invisible as you think you are.

    Oh and fuck off, this is my place and you are stinking up the place. 

  • Robinson

    Oh no! I’d better move house, change names and… no hold on you’re just talking out your arse again aren’t you Whale, that’s so cute.