January 2008

Don't Vote Labour – Reason #42


Key vows to scrap bail law changes

Key vows to scrap bail law changesNational leader John Key says if elected to government he will repeal changes to the Bail Act in 2007 that he says have put the public at risk.
Mr Key wrapped up his caucus's planning retreat with a return to a traditional policy…
[NZ Politics]

National has vowed to scrap Labour's cost saving changes to bail laws. This is good but doesn't go far enough.

National should be calling for "Time Sentenced = Time Served" and the removal of concurrent sentencing. 

A good start though, perhaps Rodney could pick up the bits tha National left off. 

Nosy parkers still infest IRD

IRD staff continue prying into taxpayers files – 01 Feb 2008 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

8 staff were sacked in the first nine months of last year as Peter Dunne reveal that the IRD still has unwanted nosy parkers snooping outside of their brief. Not only that a further 4 were warned for in-appropriate access.

looks lke another government department in serious need of a shake up.

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Telecom being prosecuted over broadband

Telecom to face court over broadband claims – 01 Feb 2008 – NZ Herald: New Zealand Business and Personal Finance News

[quote]Telecom and its subsidiary Xtra are to be prosecuted for allegedly misleading the public with its Go Large broadband promotion.

In 2006 Telecom and Xtra launched nationwide advertising of its new broadband plan “Go Large”, in which it made a number of representations, including “Xtra Broadband is about to be unleashed!”, “unlimited data usage and all the internet you can handle” and “maximum speed internet”.[/quote]

A classic case of the marketing hype out-performing the technology.

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Minister 'in denial' over crime rate

Minister 'in denial' over crime rateNational's law and order spokesman, Simon Power, says Annette King is in denial over the spate of crime that has seen 10 homicides in a month.
Speaking at the National Party's three-day caucus retreat in Rotorua, he responded to…
[NZ Politics]

I still can't believe that Annette King blamed the "blip" in murders on the moon and the sun. It is wrong on so many levels 

Heh! 2

New Zealand cartoons by Garrick Tremain, Tom Scott, Murray Webb, Chicane and Jim Hubbard on Stuff.co.nz

The Cartoonists at Stuff are on fire today.

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New Zealand cartoons by Garrick Tremain, Tom Scott and Murray Webb on Stuff.co.nz

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You can buy anything on Trademe

Bird Nest for sale – TradeMe.co.nz – New Zealand

Even a used Birds nest. The questions and answers are as usual where the fun lies.
[quote]Hi there. I was wondering if this auction item is suitable for bird nest soup? My girlfriend is chinese & I was hoping to surprise her with a home made version of this unique delicacy posted by: hot_fusion (8 ) 9:18 am, Thu 31 Jan

It is likely that this nest would be suitable for soup. In fact there is likely to be a high protein level within this nest material due to the length of time it remained outside. Also it would prevent the decline of the swiftlet population. Method: Soak birdnest in water. Drain and soak in sherry. Ensure you test sherry personally first. This should be done several times. Defrost chicken and check sherry again. Take the defrosted oven from the chicken and debone. Check sherry. 11:38 am, Thu 31 Jan

Seller Comment:
Take the bones and barbeque on a high heat (time saving tip). Cheak shirry. Cooking is done when the smoke alarm sounds. Remove charcoal from the hitplate on arrange on the stringy straw type stuff in no particular fashion Who cares. Chack slurry. chuck salt on and splatter with tamatoe sauce. Click sloppy. Knock the whole mess on the floor and retire hurt. Grab a bag of crisps and finish the slurpy. Sleep on floor, girlfriend mad. Never have to cook again. Bon Upity. 11:48 am, Thu 31 Jan[/quote]

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Please Helen don't go to the Sevens, for the sake of the children

Please, please, please don't go to the Sevens. Have brunch with Judith, lunch with Mike at Te Atatu, but please do noteven be anywhere near the Caketin, Wellington or even a Rugby game anywhere.


Marketing Disasters

I know that trades people like to advertise their businesses on their vehicles. They do this for a number of reasons, tax deductibility, advertising etc.

Some though should really think through the full implications of the target markets. This image is one I took this morning while I was waiting for my Doctor's appointment in Meadowlands. For those who don't know Auckland, Meadowlands is in actuality "Little China". Little China is sandwiched between Howick and Botany so there are plenty plus European customers.

Now don't get me (W)rong, this guy is probably a first class artisan, but putting his name on the van and business wasn't the correct marketing call. Nevertheless if you need any tiling and don't know any desperate Thai immigrants then please give this guy a call and prove me (W)Rong. Oh and BTW the Indian behind is superb and I eat there as often as I can…it is my second favourite restaurant in Little China after Ken Yakitori.