Labour Party funded site advocates rorting EFA

DPF takes the moral highground at

On a thread at the Stranded we see resident techo Lynn Prentice spilling the beans on how the Labour funded mouthpiece site is going torort the very laws that they supported and hollered about.

That’s right they are going to circumvent their own laws.

Jan 27th, 2008 at 4:30 pm

Looking at Cameron’s letter to the electoral commission reported above.

I think I’ll get interested when the electoral commission contacts me. They will certainly need to look at the issue of multi-author blog sites.

It can almost certainly be coded around if they come to a decision on the basis that Cameron is suggesting. Set it up as separate sites, one per poster, then link together as a series of anchors in an upper level site. Would be a bit of a pain having or even

I’m afraid that the legislation never really keeps up with the technology. Coming to think of it, that blog exemption for a electoral advertisement, must be about the first time that legislation has ever acknowledged the existence of websites? Actually I’m wrong – the word blog could also include other types of media.


One wonders why they just don’t comply with the law that they saw as just, equitable and fair. Why the hiding?, why the obfuscation? Why the hollow side stepping of the law that they supported?

Why indeed?

Well one reason maybe because Irishbill called Craig Ranapia an “Uncle Tom”….he has since deleted the comment and is now threatening to ban any one from the site for calling out his racism. Of course it would be a travesty if the general public were to know which Labour sponsored, civil servant residing and blogging from inside the beehive holds such racist views.

Once again the Standard should be held to the “standard” that they supported and forced upon all others. Double Standard? Sub-Standard?

Definately, but then when one is supported by the party of hollow liars you can’t expect much else.

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  • dad4justice

    Yes the sub standard snot blog have a comment delete and ban policy that would make Stalin and Attila the Hun mighty proud .The liarbour gang are just domestic terrorists and fabian socialist prostitutes . The sub standard sewer blog must be treated with extreme caution, because you can become a bubonic-chronic if you hang around there too long . Just look at the state of the shit hole and obscene wacko's like robinsodomite.

  • The Prophet

    While it did result in a 2 week ban, I feel that I did a good few hours work over at the Standard today. I was laughing my arse off at IrishBill getting more and more shrill 'I am not a racist" Yeah right. 'Quick Bill hit the delete button again'


    Pissed me off though – every time I put up the link to Nih and Sod wanting to gangrape my wife they delete it. When I spoke to Tane about it via email he came back with – 'I can't see anything in it'  Then they spend the next few comments calling me a liar. Oh well , the truth almost always wins in the end, and my banning has just made me a little more determined to fuck with these guys till they're cross eyed. 

    I'm actually starting to take a personal dislike to these idiots, I really can't believe they're so brazen telling out and out lies 

     Hey Burt – if you read this could you mail me please

    z.prophet at gmail etc 



  • Zutroy

    What an irony.


    The websites designed to get Farrar and Slater bogged down and unpleasant enough they might not continue with have backfired to the point that The Standard, KBB and the other one have now become bogged down and increasingly unpleasant for their owners.


  • Inventory1

    Meanwhile, the EFA and Electoral Commission have shut Don't Vote Labour down


  • The Prophet

    Yup Zutroy – While I have never met DPF, I have been following his blog since 2004 and have always found him to be completely fair in his posts and opinions even when slanted to the right. With the appearence on the scene of Tane,Sod,Dixon,Owen,GWW etc etc I have to say there was a concerted effort to shut down or at least surpress DPF's blog.


    Normally I would never troll like that. Yes,  I used to take the piss out of phule but who doesn't.


    Anyway these dickheads are going to get a bit of their own medicine a la Sam Dixon. See how they like it. Judging from IB's reaction yesterday – not much. 

  • Zutroy

    Prophet – and the hassles they face are of their own making. They'd have the upper hand if the criticisms were of a tenuous or personal nature, but when you are under fire for questions like "Why are you accepting anonymous donations from the Labour Party and not declaring them when you are busily attacking others for the same thing" you really are royally stuffed.