Broken arsed and raiding our purses again

Labour are flat broke.

We know this because even though Owen Glenn drop kicked them all over the viaduct and left landmines and cluster-bombs for their under-trained bomb technicians to defuse, President Mike Williams is still thinking of having his hand out again for 30 pieces of silver from Owen Glenn.

Now informants are sending me photos of proof that Labour is flat broke and campaigning again on our money.

Exhibit A: Today in Invercargill at the Walk for Life to support the Cancer Society…an event that should be non-political, Lesley Soper has turned it into a disgraceful electioneering stunt with her cronies wandering around carrying Labour umbrellas and wearing T shirts that say ‘Keep Left’. Oh, and don’t forget the blatant sign on the ground ‘The future’s with Labour.’

Exhibit B: They are so broken-arsed they have to recycle Lange/Douglas era umbrellas with the old party logo on it.

Clearly the Labour Party thinks that signing up new members is a parliamentary activity as the Flags in the background clearly show the Parliamentary Services crest and also list the Party’s website address which again shows the parliamentary crest. Now the interesting thing is that non of this activity has any authorisation statements anywhere, not evven on the big “Labour” signs. The website does not have any links anywhere to the non-parliamentary party details of office holders or even the president.

Contrast that with National’s website which does have links to regional and national Headquarters, office holders and other non-parliamentary information. oh and they aren’t billing the Parliamentary Services for the website either.

We can see right here, right now the stark difference between Labour and National. Labour thinks there is no distinction between the party apparatus and the political apparatus and National has clear delineation and boundaries between the two. Labour are corrupt and continuing to thieve from the public purse while National spends its own money on party information.


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  • dad4justice

    Another disgrace of our honour as a country of integrity by a moronic clueless thicko scumbag Labour Party . They are so disrespectful and a cancer charity event of all places . They should be all rounded up and sprayed with round up as they’re f##king nillers – all of them !!

  • Gazza4D

    Good place for a sign saying crap like “The future’s with Labour” to be. I’d have made a point of walking all over it in a pair of muddy gumboots :p

    Oh, and there’s a good explanation for the usage of the old logo umbrellas. With the disatrous drubbing in the polls and an Owen Glenn fiasco that just wont go away, can you blame them for harking for the “good old days?”

  • Harpoon

    What a desperate furphy of a post.

    “The website does not have any links anywhere to the non-parliamentary party details of office holders or even the president.”

    That’s not true.

    “signing up members”

    … you don’t know that’s what they were doing.

    Umbrellas … so what? How petty can you get?

    “Walk for Life … should be non-political”

    On what grounds? It’s a ‘so what?’ again. There’s sure to have been a bunch of commercial organisations there as well, all tryuing to gain some positive PR out of their linkage to the fight against cancer.

    Get a life, Cam.

  • pdq

    Cancer chasing?? … is that what Labour has become … maybe every Labour MP should hang nis/her head in shame over their record in public health vis cancer! Especially prostrate. I know what I would have done with that bright red and white unbrella to the nearest Labour MP, and anyone who has had a it (I had mine privately because our useless public health system couldn’t do it till it was too late) would enjoy the sight of Cun(t)liffe on the end of the brolly exam ;) Who’s “running the show” now asshole?

  • Harpoon

    “Cancer chasing”? Who do you think you’re kidding. On those grounds, you should attack all other organisations that had people there.

    As regards Labour’s record, do you have any basis for your certainty of negative opinion against Labour regarding cancer treatment and prevention? Just your own situation, or something more?

    And why do you think it’s okay to talk about anal rape in that way?

  • pdq

    Labour at a cancer outting for fucks sake, how fucking stupid are you, I mean I know you vote Labour so that makes you pretty fucking stupid to start with, so we will forgive you that but, that being so, you leave little material for the rest of us to have fun with. What level of comprehension did you get to looser, olive? The $2,600 bill my insurer had to pay because the “Public” health system couldn’t see me for 11 months. And what the fuck are you on about anal rape? Wanker. Labour is really scraping the barrel with these fuckwitted web-footed-neanderthanls.

  • Harpoon

    11 months? That’s not good.

    How certain are you that National’s health policies would have got you helped earlier? On what basis?

    (And sorry about the anal rape allegation — that was an uncalled-for mistake due to involvement in another online discussion with some twisted moron who said he wanted to stuff something “where the sun don’t shine”. While we’re on the topic, do you care to be ata ll specific about what you would like to do with one of those umbrellas if you had it in your posession when you met a Labour MP?)

  • Captain Crab

    “Theres sure to have been a bunch of commercial organisations there”. Oh I see, you were there. Could you name some of those other commercial organisations who there please? Even which other political parties were there would be ok.
    Or was it just Labour. To be charitable maybe they were there raising money for Herceptin? Oops, no, that cash went to Tim Shadbolt to stop him protesting anymore. That 6 Million makes the medals look cheap.

  • JRS2008

    Harpoon you are delusional !!

    NZ has fallen well behind most other countries in our cancer statistics during labour’s terms. New Zealand’s death rate for cancer, now the country’s leading cause of death, is also significantly higher than in Australia and partly caused by our limited access to modern treatments such as Herceptin and implanted radiotherapy, which are both available there.

    To quote the professor of Oncology at Auckland Hospital.

    “If we felt the public system offered a reasonable deal, ran efficiently and gave a good clinical service, that’d be great.”

    And does it?

    His answer is surprisingly blunt for an academic at pains to emphasise New Zealand cancer care has made some progress since he returned from Sydney in 1998. “No.”

    How sure am I that Nationals policies would be better – I’m not but I am prepared to give them the benefit of the doubt that they will be significantly better than Labours health policies which have seen a ballooning in health bureaucrats and ineffective and irrelevant social marketing at the expense of patient care

    And I believe you would not have seen one other political party electioneering at such an event it was an appalling lack of judgement on the part of Labour’s people

  • Dogmelon

    Stop wrecking MY country and the the hell OUT you lesbian liarbour, wrecking assholes, who have stuffed the country and driven all the New Zealanders out, filthy pinkos in love with yourselves, thieves, crime fostering for votes cowards, GET BENT!

  • michaels

    Dogmelon I do understand where your coming from, but it is Sunday morning. Perhaps a little pill might start the day off better. Sunday mornings are not the time for high blood pressure. Let rip a little later in the day.

  • Dogmelon

    Heh, whoops.

  • JRS2008

    While I concur with your sentiments I suggest a nice cup of tea and toast may be in order

  • michaels

    Nothing wrong with a mothers little helper.

  • Harpoon

    Captain Crab: “Could you name some of those other commercial organisations who there please?”


    I’m going from the Walk for Life in two other cities that I’ve seen. Each had a forest of gazebos, marquees and family tents emblazoned with corporate logos. Loads of walkers wore T shirts prominently displaying their employers’ logos.

    I was making a reasonable assumption that the same was true of Invercargill. But if you want concrete evidence of a whole load of organisations doing cause-related marketing, looking to bolster their reputation by association with a worthy cause, go to the Cancer Society’s Otago Southland website:

    List of main sponsors:
    More FM
    ILT Foundation (gaming machines)
    CUE TV
    Invercargill City Council
    Rugby Southland
    Sport Southland
    Venture Southland
    Southland Building Society
    Sycamore Print
    The Southland Express

    … all of whom, according to nutbars here, are ‘cancer chasing’. What are you going to do? Write to them and complain? Attack THEM in your blogs?

  • Harpoon

    heh … woops … shoulda said “yep” :-)

  • JRS2008

    Harpoon you mistake commercial organisations who are offering their support to the walk for life campaign with blatant electioneering at an event for cancer sufferers. Surely even you can see that it is completely inappropriate for a labour marquee while there is the ongoing fiasco with Herceptin and other cancer related issues that this (and previous governements) have been embroiled in.

    Suggest you take off you’re labour cap for a minute and accept in this instance it was a poor choice for a labour party promotion.

  • Harpoon

    Captain Crab and JRS — Herceptin: what guarantees have the National Party provided around funding for Herceptin and implanted radiotherapy if they get in to government?

    JRS –

    • you’re prepared to give the nats the benefit of the doubt; is that based on their performance the last time they were in government? Or based merely of Tony Ryall’s Snape-like ability to sneer?
    • And why do you think front-line medical staff should have not bureaucratic support? (NB: bureaucracy isn’t necessarily a bad thing — all organisations have and need bureaucrats)
    • Also, on the basis that prevention is a worthwhile exercise, how do you think prevention should be done if not (partly) with the aid of social marketing techniques?
    • If any other political party was there — or at ANY OTHER Relay For Life — will you attack them for “an appaling lack of judgement on the part of [their] people? If not, why not?
  • michaels

    Harpoon isn’t there a slight difference between a sponsor and a taker?
    Those companies you have listed GIVE money to the foundation.
    Sure they get to flash their logos around but that’s what sponsorship is all about.
    You have the sponsors that want nothing in return, you know, they’re the “rich pricks”
    that just give and want nothing back.
    But then you have the scum in our society that show up to a bit of a bash and ask for donations themselves.
    All sounds a bit off to me.
    Fancy throwing a party just to have someone else show up and have their own party in your premises, not very nice is it?
    And we know Labour wouldn’t have given and money cause they’ve got NO FUCKING MONEY THEMSELVES!!!!

  • JRS2008



    In answer to your questions

    1 – No to both comments
    2 – Limited bureacracy yes I agree completely but we now have people employed in the health sector who serve no useful purpose and hinder the provision of medical care
    3 – Yes I agree, my comment was just that the social marketing techniques utilised in NZ at present have more to do with being seen to care, do something, and public relations than being effective preventitive programmes (if you want an example check out the Ministry’s HEHA campaign)
    4 – If any potical party was in power and had made similar decisions regarding funding of cancer medications and was mismanaging the Health Sector to the current degree and turned up at a cancer fundraiser to promote themselves I would bollock them as well

  • Harpoon

    Crab: “.. we now have people employed in the health sector who serve no useful purpose and hinder the provision of medical care”

    — how many of those are there and how much do they cost?

    Crab: “.. the social marketing techniques [aren’t] effective preventitive programmes (if you want an example check out the Ministry’s HEHA campaign)”

    • What makes you say they are ineffective?
    • What do you think would be a fair measure of prevention effectiveness?
    • What prevention programmes are the Nats proposing?
  • Harpoon

    Michaels — big hearted corporates who expect nothing out of their involvement… gimme a break. They’re all there to feed off their association with the cause. It is called ’cause-related marketing’. Go look it up.

    What’s the basis of your assertion that the local Labour people were there only there to “to a bit of a bash and ask for donations themselves.”? Anything apart from your own hateful imaginings might do.

  • JRS2008


    I never would have got so specific if I’d known you were so sensitive on this issue (is Peter Davis a close friend ?)

    What makes me say they are so ineffective – well how about the discussion with the senior minstry official who confirmed that the said campaigns were a waste of money but they would be going ahead regardless due to incumbent political mindset.

    A fair measure of effectiveness would be health statistics moving in the right direction instead the current decline

    No idea I suggest you go and ask them

  • JRS2008

    Harpoon you are hilarious another labour acolyte absolutely convinced that you’re in the right (oops left).

    Take off your blinkers for a minute and you’ll see that you’re in far more danger from big government than corporates at least you can avoid the corporates if want to , the same can’t be said for central and local government.

  • JRS2008

    I forgot to mention according to one of my boys Snape turned out to be one of the good guys in the end despite his unfortunate sneer.

  • michaels

    Harpoon (or is that Harp-on?)

    “Michaels — big hearted corporates who expect nothing out of their involvement…”
    Now I said this where????
    Infact I said they get to flash their logos around but that’s what sponsorship is all about.

    I then went on to say…

    You have the sponsors that want nothing in return, you know, they’re the “rich pricks”
    that just give and want nothing back…. These “rich pricks” do it nice and quietly and there are many of them.

    And yes, Labour were obviously there to suck money out of people that otherwise would have given to the ones that threw the party.

  • JRS2008

    Michaels I think you have upset Harpoon with your brazen mention of companies (aka Rich Pricks and The ultimate evil).

    It looks as though harpoon has worked for companies in the past and has not had a pleasant time and now is in the employ of the labour party and gorging on the public teat. Perhaps harpoon arranged the labour stand at the walk for life fundraiser ……. oh dear oh dear what will Aunty Helen say guess she has bigger fish to fry with the debacle over Mr Glen at present.

  • michaels

    JRS it’s very easy to upset any Leftard, just disagree with them and that’s it, you’re on their death list.
    However dear I say, Harp-on doesn’t seem as vile as most of them.
    And as far as Klark goes, I suggest you don’t lose to much sleep over it/her/him/whatever!!

  • Harpoon

    Michaels — you’re throwing assumptions around like confetti. You’ve said nothing that indicates any actual fact-based knowledge about what Labour was doing there — you’re merely expressing assumptions based on seeing a pair of photos on this blog. Why don’t youemail somebody who was there — perhaps one of Eric Roy’s people? [email protected]

  • michaels

    They were there at a charity event with every fucking logo they could find.
    That all on its own is enough for me.
    I don’t know if they collected a dime, frankly I don’t give a fuck.
    If they wanted to be just nice people and help out they would have left their banners at home.
    Otherwise they were campaigning and that Harp-on…… is wrong.

  • JRS2008

    Couldn’t have put it more succinctly myself

  • Michael Ellis

    There is a big difference between a commercial organisation supporting it’s staff to raise funds for a non-profit organisation at a charity event (which is what all those other tents are for); and blazeningly selling products to attendees.

    Being at the Petone Fair (with it’s 500 other commerical organisations selling stuff) is fine.

    If I was there I would say “Herceptin” everytime I walked past.

  • Harpoon

    What were the Labour people selling? (NB — please don’t make assumptions; just use facts in your answer)

  • JRS2008

    Bombast and by the look of the people at the stand a large modicum of flatulence, and meteorism.

    Harpoon why are you so busy defending the indefensible ? Cancer fundraisers are not the place for party political broadcasting if you think they are I’d suggest you would be among the minority in this country.

  • michaels

    Harp-on come on, you didn’t appear like a fool to start with. They are selling subscriptions or memberships or whatever they call it. Now that they have had to pay back Oggi, they need more money, have YOU donated lately?

  • Medusa

    Harpoon, what evidence do you have that the Labout Party contributed any money to the ‘Walk’ or that they were not soliciting for funds. It sure looked like they were. You are so incensed that corporate sponsors had their logos present. Don’t you think that they would have more right to display their presence than an organisation that didn’t contribute but was there only to take adveantage of the public who attended?

  • JRS2008

    michaels I’m beginning to think Harpoon was intimately involved in planning this activity for Labour. He is very very touchy on this topic perhaps Aunty Helen has given him a pantsing for such a pr disaster.

    I agree Harpoon doesn’t appear to be a fool but is certainly entreched in labour think and unable to see the wood for the trees … perhaps he/she will wake up to reality one day.

  • Harpoon

    Michaels: “They are selling subscriptions or memberships or whatever they call it.” … really?

    • Is that what you KNOW or what you ASSUME? Have you conversed in any way with anyone who was actually there or who knows what the Labour folk were actually doing? If so, let’s hear what they told you; if not, admit you’re talking out of a hole in your head.
  • michaels

    Harp-on, your becoming annoying now.
    If any party puts a tent up with logos flying everywhere, what are they trying to do?
    They’re not selling Chinese toy’s now are they.
    Don’t think they’re saying, enjoy Bluff oysters are they?
    AND they’re not raising funds for the Cancer society either!!!

    Harp-on, what they are doing is simple, recruit recruit recruit!!!

    And no Harp-on, I didn’t speak to anyone that was there, however, I did speak with a nurse that works with Cancer patients and about to do the 24 hour thing in Hamilton… She was disgusted even though for some strange reason (as much as I hate it) a Labour supporter, but alas, maybe for not much longer.

    And finally Harp-on, never ever ASSUME!!!

  • JRS2008

    Harp on why oh why are you so so sensitive about this

    As michaels said you appear to be reasonably coherent, can’t you accept that a Labour party booth at this type of event with the current Herceptin debacle in front of the court is at best poorly considered and at worst incredibly arrogant.

  • Harpoon

    Michaels, Labour’s involvement in this event looks to me, like I’ve said before, like a pretty ordinary occurrence of cause-related marketing. (I’m speculating, of course, but that’s all that you and the others here are doing, proposing a reasonable interpretation of the pix).

    Just like a whole bunch of other organisations at the event, they would be looking to increase their ability to promote their propositions/ideas/whatever via simply associating themselves with another cause that already enjoys public approval. Doig so is neither ethically, nor morally, not legally reprehensible; it is a simple marketing/PR exercise, offering the opportunity for all involved to improve their PR, customer relations, and leverage their other marketing efforts.

    Why don’t you ask the Cancer Society to reject all support from anyone who’s doing it for anything but totally philathropic reasons?

  • JRS2008

    So Labour have decided to .. as you put it promote their propositions/ideas/whatever at walk for life.

    Are they completely insane ?

    A marketing excercise during a cancer fundraiser to say what ….get fucked we’re not giving you a full course of Herceptin and the rest of you can have therapy that’s considered a decade old in most western health systems please vote for us …best you get a new PR and marketing agency Harp-on.

  • michaels

    Oh Harp-on…..
    First, forget the other orgnisations, they paid to be there and are supporting the society.
    2nd, Labour are there for one reason and one reason only and it’s not for Cancer
    3rd, morals? you want to talk morals when it comes to Labour, bring it on, they have NONE!! and this photo proves it!!
    4th, Marketing?? Ask H2 if she approves, well actually she probably does as she has no fucking morals either.
    5th, PR?? as above, it does nothing for them, infact very bad PR!!
    6th, Don’t speculate, you’ll lose when it comes to Labour!!
    7th, Any one else want to add something?

    Harp-on, don’t be a fool, get out while you still can.

  • Harpoon

    Heh … you’re already making your own assumptions about it. My post was just a contribution to the assumption soup. And I am certainly not speaking on behalf of anyone from the labour Party.

    I’d rather not get into a thumping debate about Herceptin — I don’t know enough about it, despite all the media coverage. The one thing I am relatively certain about is that herceptin is not a miracle cure for cancer; it is a very expensive treatment that has marginal rather than magical effects on a small proportion of cancer sufferers. it’s reasonable for the government to weigh up the marginal benefit of spending money on the tyupe of Herceptin treatment being demanded when the same can be spent on other patients with more certainty of desirable results.

    Having said this, I’ve no doubt that my opinion would be quite different if my mother was a patient.

  • michaels

    Harp-on, assumptions about what?

  • JRS2008


    Don’t try and back out off the mire of shite you’ve blogged on this issue Harp-on.

    Yet again you have missed the point not only are we the only country in the world only funding 9 weeks of Herceptin instead of the clincally proven 12 month course the money isn’t being spent on other patients it’s being pissed up against the wall on health bureaucrats, mindless prevention campaigns and PHARMAC’s growing staff numbers (check how their staff numbers – all health bureaucrats have grown over the years.)

    Appreciate you last comment there is hope for you yet !

  • Gazza4D

    Just noticed in the main pic that there are a couple of people giving the Labour booth the “what the?” look.

    Not too impressed, are they?

  • michaels

    But Gazza, there are also a couple of people Manning the tent, I think the one on the left is Harp-on.
    And yes, not many happy about things.

  • Harpoon

    JRS: “Cancer fundraisers are not the place for party political broadcasting”

    Even if that’s what the Labour people were doing (you don’t appear to know either way), so what? The corporates and other organisations present were all there partly to promote themselves. One could easily assert “Cancer fundraisers are not the place for corporate promotions”.

  • JRS2008

    Methinks you are getting a bit desparate Harpoon best you move on to another topic

  • Captain Crab

    Why Whaleoil, it looks like youve been allocated you very own Labour Troll. Well done it must mean youre pissing them off.