March 2008

To the bitter end

New Zealand cartoons by Garrick Tremain, Tom Scott and Murray Webb on

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ACT on Campus discovers Anderton's tinnie house

Silent Running » Blog Archive » Party Pill Madness II

Jim Anderton has been sprung illegally selling Party pills from his electorate office. Meanwhile in other news;

Home | ACT on Campus has established an online bid to sell party pills.

Ludicrously Low airfares and wages

Ludicrously low fares – and pay not so hot either – 01 Apr 2008 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

Of course Air New Zealand can offer ludicrously low airfares, especially when they pay their own staff ludicrously low wages.

The worst aspect of this whole furore is the abandonment of the workers by Labour and their client blogs. They are all strangely silent. I can imagine the screeching now if it was National that justified slave Labour on the basis of a free market.

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April Fool Caption Contest

Keeping Stock: Caption Contest for April Fools’ Day

Keeping Stock has an April Fool caption contest and he hs a picture of the biggest fool known to man. Pass it on.

The Standard fess up to Labour party funding

Wonders never cease.

Today the folk at The Standard have announced that they will reveal who they all are and admit to being funded by the Labour Party and EPMU.

Tane, de facto leader and Union activist said “In the interests of transparency we at The Standard will reveal our true identities. We supported the Electoral Finance Act and so it would be the right thing to do to renounce our anonymity and where our funding comes from.”

In other news the anonymous bloggers at Kiwiblogblog have admitted that they have hard to reconcile sexual fantasies about David P. Farrar.

Ickystinky said “It’s hard to admit, but I think it some sort of penis envy, I mean DPF always has stories and pictures about hot chicks he has laid and I can’t even pull my mother”

Pay it Back, Winston

NZ First embarks on charitable giving – New Zealand news on

Despite his cute little April Fool’s Day stunt Winston Peters still owes the ever suffering NZ taxpayer $158,000.

Winston should name the charities so ordinary Kiwi’s can black list them for accepting stolen cash. meanwhile Audrey Young gives Winston First a flaying.

NZ Herald Blogs The right way for NZ First? No way

– Did New Zealand First honorably accept the finding of the Auditor General the party had misspent $158,000 of taxpayer money on political advertising three months before the 2005 election?
– Did New Zealand First respond morally like other parties and pledge to repay the money to Parliamentary Service, the body that funded its unlawful ads?
– Has your party given any urgency to the matter since the AG’s report in October 2006?
– New Zealand First attempted to score a PR victory by announcing it had given the Starship Foundation instead of back to the taxpayer, but did it work?
– Did the party have any idea before it gave the money away it would be embarrassed by having the cheque returned to sender by the Starship Foundation Board chairman last December?
– Did the party take the chance to finally do the decent thing and repay the money to the taxpayer?
– Was it clear where the party’s $158,000 came from?
[ What was on the sign you held up when we asked if it had come from Owen Glenn?]
– Does the party see anything wrong with its latest decision to pay the money to a variety of charities in a bid to avoid attention on just one charity?
– Does the party understand why this might be seen as New Zealand First cynically using charities to launder money that morally belongs to the taxpayer?

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Spotted on Auckland Motorway

This was spotted on an Auckland Motorway by an observant reader. The website he is directing us to is

Global Warming is Bullshit

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Fisking CityVision-less

Auckland Blog: Fisking City Vision’s presser on the Royal Commission

Cr. Aaron Bhatnagar fisks teh self serving press release of soon to be completely out of jobs CityVision. It makes hilarious reading.

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Outstanding Stupidity

Pill ban could increase boozing – Rotorua Daily Post – 2008-03-31 13:58:00.0 – localnews

Jim Anderton’s ban BZP crusade ably abetted by Miss Ban-DHMO Jacqui Dean appears to have spectacularly backfired and suffered from the law of unintended consequences. Check out this telling statement from Reg Hennessy from the Hospitality Association of NZ.
Reg Hennessy, the Hospitality Association of New Zealand (HANZ) Bay of Plenty president, said he was behind the ban of party pills and hoped licensed premises would get more business out of former pill takers.

“I don’t think our young people need anything else to stick down their throats to make them half loopy.

“Also there is no tax on them so nothing is going back to the Government. At least with smokes and alcohol it makes money to go towards fixing things further down the track.”

Mr Hennessy doubted many, if any, of his patrons at Hennessy’s Irish Bar used party pills as they were an older and more visitor-focussed crowd.

However, he said night clubs and dance bars that attracted more young people might notice patrons drinking a little more.

“I would like to think so,” he said.

I wonder how Anderton feels now, being the flunky of the booze industry. Passing a law that the HANZ hopes will make more people into drunks. As for his cynical statement about young people not “needing anything else to stick down their throats”, presumably he means except for alcohol.

If that isn’t a vested interest I don’t know what is. I think I will be scrutinizing P the Progressives Electoral return this year very closely.

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Seals 3 – Hunters 15

Some strange shit going on up on the ice that isn’t supposed to be there.

Activists from the Humane Society of the United States and the International Fund for Animal Welfare have accused sealers of not killing the little furballs humanely.

1. Characterized by kindness, mercy, or compassion: a humane judge.
2. Marked by an emphasis on humanistic values and concerns: a humane education.

Ok so which part of killing is humane, is it the clubbing part or the slicing their arteries under the flippers, I’m confused and so are the seal lovers. Precisely how do you humanely kill anything even humans? Then we have this little inanity;

“We filmed as a sealer struck a seal with a hakapik before it slipped into the water. The sealer tried to pull the seal out by the hind flippers but it slipped underwater anyway. This wounded seal will most likely die underwater.”

If it had stayed on the ice it would have died just the same. Apparently it is better for the seal to die by having a pick belted through its brain than to drown by drowning. Where I come from dead is dead.

Now apparently the hunters are allowed to club 275,000 seals in a season. Is anyone as perplexed as me that that seems an awfully high number for a supposedly endangered animal. So far though the seals seem to be winning, only 15 have been got. Put that in persepective when we have this comment;

“We’ve just filmed four seals being killed and not a single one was bled out before moving it,” said Sheryl Fink, a hunt observer with IFAW.

Boy, she was lucky, since the start of the season only 15 seals have been killed and they got to see four of them killed slowly, killed nontheless, as I said before dead is dead, doesn’t matter how it died.

But is there any kindness for the families of the three seal hunters killed and one missing since the hunt began, even a whisper, some words of condolence, nope, not a one. Now that would be humane.

Rest easy folks, the Sealers and the fisheries department defend the hunt and are clearly getting advice from our government because they say that the hunt is “sustainable” and well-managed, and that it provides income for isolated fishing communities damaged by the cod stock collapse.

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