Get Frank – Preparing to live in a RV

Living Aboard An RV: Are You Ready For It? –

I had noticed that Get Frank was advertising on Facebook so I went for a gander. Basically it is a mens magazine online with a NZ flavour and so far I read any new articles as they arrive in my RSS Reader. Today’s article is about living permanently aboard a RV. I’m interested in this why?

Because the Whaleoil “plans for the future” include a $350,000 self contained bus all painted up with the breeching Orca. Yeehaa!!! Blogging on the road permanently, essentially off grid, no power bills, no rates, no hassles. And that is what the article is largely about.

Of greater importance than travel hardware, though, is your nomadic ‘software’: YOU, ie, your personal mix of attitude, personal preparations, and strategies for living on the road rather than simply travelling on the road. Because most often, it’s the mental / psychological pressures rather than equipment failures that result in wannabe nomads scurrying back to suburbia.

In short, although you do need to look carefully at equipment and hardware, right up front during your preparation and planning phase you and your team must get absolutely clear on what lies ahead. To put it bluntly, you are heading toward a substantial culture shock!

Do read the rest if you are partial to the nomadic lifestyle.

Well done to Get Frank, they have me now as a regular reader.


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