April 2008


Government says hydro lake levels not a crisis – New Zealand news on Stuff.co.nz

The government is dreamin’ if they think there isn’t a massive power crisis looming.

I for one won’t be turning of any bloody thing. I am going to use as much power as possible because the best thing for this country is a blackout and then people will see what a bunch of inept bloody morons we have ruining the country.

No doubt when the lights go out all we’ll hear from Clark is “Diddums!”


Berrymans finally get a result

Berrymans win 14-year court battle – New Zealand, world, sport, business & entertainment news on Stuff.co.nz

It has taken 14 years but the Berrymans have at last the got the result that should have been given 14 years ago.

The Judge has over turned the coroners ruling that they were responsible for the death of the beekeeper and also overturned the exoneration of the Army in the faulty construction of the bridge.

The Berrymans have one more legal procedure to get through and that is their seeking of $4.5 million damages in a misfeasance suit. They now stand a good chance of winning that given todays decision.

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Annette King should resign

War against billion-dollar P trade being lost – King – 01 May 2008 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

Annette King has raised the white flag and started a retreat reminiscent of French Armies over methamphetamine.

Her concession that the authorities are struggling to win the war against P comes in a new Cabinet paper setting out Government policies to target organised crime.

The Government set up a joint agency approach to tackling P in 2003.

Measures included reclassifying it as a Class A drug and creating a Methamphetamine Action Group.

But , methamphetamine-related cases as a percentage of all cases sent to the High Court have risen from 41 per cent in 2004 to 54 per cent in 2006.

If the senior cabinet minister responsible for law and order puts her hands up and and essentially concedes that they have lost the war on meth then if she had any decency she would resign forthwith. She won’t of course because decency and honour are two words that labour ministers are unfamilair with.

We need a government that will stand up to drug dealers, if necessary with force. We need a corrections policy of time sentenced=time served and we need to sever the heads of the hydra of the gangs immediately and with lethal force.

The gang and drug problem could be solved overnight if the government really was committed to ridding this country of the scourge of meth. I hear the going rate for Serb assassins is only a measly $50k. Hire a 1000 of them and task them to co-ordinate an single night attack on all the gangs simultaneously starting at the top and kill all the leaders, round up the rest and chuck them in the Auckland Islands to survive on their wits, for, oh, 50 years. Problem solved overnight.

You see the problem is a strech of 10 years and getting out after only one third of your sentence is a lark for these guys. Certain death or life on a desolate island isn’t a prospect many would want.

I reckon we need a tiered approach. Something like possession gets 5 years, no parole, dealing gets 50 years, manufacture gets death and organising distribution and money laundering death as well. That’ll sort it. After two years there’d be fuck all drug dealers on the streets, they’d either be in a box or in the slammer.

Hot for Teacher

CO-ED Magazine » Hot for Teacher: 18 Sexiest Sex Offenders

CO-ED magazine has a Hot for Teacher feature with the 18 Sexiest Sex Offenders. Yes the photo is one of them.

It has to be said: female school teachers are the new male Catholic priests.

Sexual offenses committed by female teachers is at its peak, much like the libidos of the accused. While male teachers are (rightfully) lambasted for their sexual misconduct, women seem to get off much easier – literally and figuratively. And why, you ask? The answer is simple: older women seducing younger men is part of our culture, like it or not. Just ask Mrs. Robinson, or Stifler’s Mom.

South Park touched on the subject in “Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy,” where Kyle’s little brother Ike has an affair with his Kindergarten teacher. The cops in the episode have a field day with the case, exclaiming “niiiiiiiiice” after hearing about the teacher’s naughty secret. Their point, however blurry, was well taken: everybody loves a sexed-up authoritative figure, within reason.

My point and solution? Horny teachers should wait, ever so patiently, until their prey graduates. If you’re into kids, you derserve to be locked up; if you’re into being the older lady for kicks, play your cards right, don’t break the law, and have at it like a jackrabbit.



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Nine years of Hard Labour

Kiwis think life getting tougher – survey – New Zealand, world, sport, business & entertainment news on Stuff.co.nz

A recent Colmar Brunton survey has asked 1000 kiwis about life in NZ.

A clear majority, 64 per cent said life was getting harder and only 9 percent said that life was getting easier.

Perhaps an indication about how Labour is missing out is that the most pessimistic group was those aged 40-49. That group would be getting hit hardest with mortgage rises, food prices, schooling fees and poor hospitals.

Even worse for Labour are the areas of concern.

94 per cent cited child abuse as the highest concern.
91 per cent environment
86 per cent cost of living
84 per cent security of personal information
74 per cent housing affordability

Clearly from the figures we can see why people have had enough of nine years of Hard Labour. Nothing that matters has improved under Labour in fact all of those have gotten worse.

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Where did Hillary get her joke from?

The prime of Helen Clark – New Zealand, world, sport, business & entertainment news on Stuff.co.nz

A friend of mine thought it strange that Hillary Clinton used Helen Clark for her joke of the week, so he contacted the Hillary Campaign H.Q. to find out where they got the joke from. He was very surprised with the reply he got.

One of Clintons Campaign staffers,( An intern) had cut & pasted this into a dossier on NZ, from a NZ website. They thought it amusing enough to keep.

Auckland Labour MP Judith Tizard, not known for her diplomacy, is credited with once saying that following a nuclear holocaust the only things left on the planet would be the cockroaches and Helen Clark.

So there you have it Hillary Clinton used a joke about Helen Clark, dreamed up by none other than Judith Tizard!!! Oucheee!

Judith may be the next roach crunched under foot.

UPDATE: Confirmation that it was indeed Tizard that initiated this little statement. Incidentally it was Danyl Mclauchlan in trying to prove a point against Wshart on Poneke’s post about Absolute Power that provided confirmation….don’t you hate it when lefties shoot off both their feet.

Here is the actual quote.

TOUGH? How tough is Helen Clark? Her long-time friend, Labour MP Judith Tizard, fairly bubbles with mirth. “She’s so tough, I keep telling her that after the nuclear holocaust, the only thing left will be the cockroaches and Helen Clark.”

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John Armstrong: Labour calls, but no one's listening

John Armstrong: Labour calls, but no one's listeningToday’s Herald -DigiPoll survey is grim reading for Labour for reasons other than the obvious.

It’s not just that it has slipped a further 5 percentage points behind National. The party’s frustration is that this has happened… [NZ Politics]

In the army when drill instructors are trying to make a point about how pathetic their charges are they yell at you, usually 2 inches from your face “I can’t hear you!”, and that is exactly what the voters are saying to Labour.

John Armstrong, who I must say his photo bears no resemblance to the grumpy old bastard who scowls down from the gallery every sitting day, is usually a shill for the Labour party. not today he isn’t, though he does but try despite all the mounting bad news for government more than 60% of the electorate wouldn’t vote for.

But there has been no payoff in the polls. Sometimes a mood shift in the electorate can take time to register in the polls. Labour will be praying that this is the case. But that is really clutching at straws.

The electorate’s mood gives every appearance of having solidified. Not only have voters taken the phone off the hook, in Labour’s case, they have buried it deep in the bottom drawer.

And not only in Labour’s case. NZ First’s waving of the flag of economic nationalism combined with an injudicious bit of Asian-bashing has done nothing to lift its stocks.

Armstrong then continues the the journo line that wily old Winston will ride again despite the fact that his xenophobia message is no longer being heeded. largely because the yellow peril he has talked about in every election year since 1996 has never occurred. Kiwi’s are quite happy thank you very much with their new Asian neighbours and so the xenophobia calls do not resonate. having wasted three paragraphs telling us nothing new about Winston he is forced to return to the Labour Party and again he has bad news to deliver.

Now when your biggest shill in the media is telling you that your “Slippery” tag for John Key isn’t working for you, instead it is working in favour of John Key then you know that your single tactic for the election has just been destroyed. People are just not buying the “Slippery” tag.

Labour are screwed because they have tried everything to dis-credit John Key and it isn’t working, as a party that has based their entire election year strategy on denigration they must surely now be trying frantically to come up wit something positive.


Pressure on Labour as Nats pull away

Pressure on Labour as Nats pull awayNational has reopened a wide lead over Labour in the Herald DigiPoll survey, increasing pressure on the Government to produce a strong Budget to change its fortunes.

Labour is keen to avoid expectations running away on it on… [NZ Politics]

Yep the TV3 poll was definitely rogue. The one hope that Labour and its client-blogs were clinging to has evaporated today with the latest Herald Digipoll which show National and John Key pulling away from the government and Clark.

To make matters worse for “Measly Michael” the poll shows that tax cuts and the economy are two biggest issues for voters and worse still for “Measly Michael” it is Labour voters who mostly want tax cuts.

Here are the numbers;

National 52.1% up 2.2%
Labour 37.2% down 2.1%
Greens 5.2% hanging on by the skin of their fluoride free teeth
Winston First is a dead duck at last on 1.5%

No figures for the rest which tells you something.

Preferred PM

John Key 48%
Helen Clark 45.3%


Prosecute them under the anti-terror laws

PM says Waihopai spy base attack ‘senseless’ – 30 Apr 2008 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

Some fools decided to attack Waihopai and deflate the dome structure of one of the satellite dishes.

I’m pretty sure that comes under the definition of terrorism using violence or destruction of property for political means.

Also Keith Locke is dreaming by suggesting that the Greens “would be calling for a public debate and information on the cost and the purpose of the Waihopai base if it was part of the next government”. A position increasing looking like being unnecessary as it is likely that The Greens will either be tumbled out of parliament all together or in opposition for the forseeable future.

They really have only themselves to blame by being the proverbial whore to Labour’s john and achieving precisely nothing despite nine years of propping up the most corrupt and venal government since Muldoon.

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